Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters!


Dear Shutterfly: Please hurry up and ship my stuff please! I have receieved shipping notices, but no packages! I would like my photo book, card and 11 x 14. I was really hoping that I would have at least the 11 x 14 so I could put it in the frame and show everyone the photo wall, BUT that didn't happen.

Dear Christmas: I officially bought my first gift yesterday!!! Oh ya... in August!! I am getting ready for ya!

Dear Costco: Thank you for having my photos ready for pick up! They look fantastic on my wall!! I am pleased as pie!! I cannot wait to show everyone the wall!!

Dear Dollar Store: I absolutely LOVE my new cupcake cups!! How adorable are they!!! I guess I will be needing to make some cupcakes!! 

Lux is totally photo bombing!

Dear Cottage: Cannot wait to come up tomorrow!! We have not been up all year!!! Big thanks for my Aunt for having us!!

Dear Lake/Boat: We cannot wait to come up there either! Sunday and Monday are dedicated to you!

Dear Weather on Sunday: You better be nice!! I hear you are threatening rain, not that I believe it will ever rain, but just be nice!

Dear Gracie and Lily: I hope you have a blast at the lake tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa! I know they are looking forward to having you. They pick you up tonight and we will be there on Sunday! Be good!! I am gunna miss you girls like crazy though!

Dear Husband: I am not sure how long these letters have been like this, but I have just clued in now and fixed it. MVA stands for Motor Vehicle Accident... AVM is they way it goes! Sneaky bugger!!

Happy weekend friends!!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

shut up. you did not already buy a christmas gift?! here I am wearing my boots around the house at night trying to get fall to come faster ... but this is nothing compared to what you are doing. I like it.

Mrs_V820 said...

I just found you from the link up! (: Super cute blog!!!

Oh i need to get some photos on my walls! Hubby and I just moved and we have been here 4 months and I am going CRAZY without any photos. I need to get on the ball! hehe


Samantha said...

I always wanted to start christmas shopping this early! maybe i will :)

Kristin said...

what a steal for $1!

Nicholl Vincent said...

already christmas shopping? need to get on that!

have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!


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