Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well It Might Be Wednesday

Sooo therefore it is time to link up with Jamie for some Love!!

- I am loving that come 5 PM tonight I am getting a super long weekend!! I am off till Tuesday! This makes me a happy girl!!

- I am loving that we are going to go to my Aunt's Cottage on Saturday!! We haven't been up all year yet, but M's parents decided to take our fur babies to the lake with them on Friday, since we will be heading there on Sunday and  staying over till Monday! Our house will be puppy-less Friday - not sure I will like that, but I know they will have fun at the lake!!

- I am loving West Elm - how did I just find out about this store! There is actually one in Canada as well, just so happens to be in Toronto and I hate shopping in that city!!

- I need to make a stateside trip!! Target is calling, as is Joann's and Hobby Lobby oh and maybe I can find some Skinny Girl Cocktails!!

- I had an awesome day with Hannah yesterday - be prepared for picture overload!! These pics don't include the ones she took - she got a hold of my camera and took pics just like Aunt Ash!! I think someone needs a camera!!

We went to the park:

We did some swimming:

And of course some cuddling:

Hannah even decorated this picture:

And then when Amy came to pick her up I got see Brandon!! He is soo BIG!!!
And Amy says he even has teeth - but I didn't quite see them.
Such a happy baby!!

Hard to believe he used to be soo small!!

Tomorrow I plan to go and get all the pictures to fill the photo wall!!! Cannot wait to see it finished!!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! I know I am!!


Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Cute pictures!!! I love West Elm too - they have such cute and AFFORDABLE stuff!! :)

J and A said...

Yes a trip to the states sounds perfect!! Love west elm too. Wish there was one here! Have a great extra long weekend!! ;)


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