Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Break Down

I know it is Tuesday again and I am blogging about my weekend again... in all fairness Monday was a Holiday and I was not home!

Our weekend was pretty awesome!! I mean technically mine started last Wednesday... Friday the boys won their ball game! Seems like they might be out of their funk... maybe, just maybe! I also painted my toe nails the brightest shade of green I know... thank you Alison! Grandma and Grandpa (M's parents) took Grace and Lil down to the lake Friday as well, so we were empty nesters! Wow the house was soo quiet! Our dogs are not noisy by any stretch, but the house just had a different feel and I didn't like it!

 Saturday we were up and out of the house by 9:30 and on our way to my aunts cottage:

My Mom and Sister came up as well!! We had a great day!!
Here are some of the pics off my phone:

We had a great day with some great weather! M ended up coming home with a migraine... which sucked, but he recovered by the morning!

Just in time to head to the lake, although it was raining. We made it down by 1:30 and just relaxed, played some cards. I also learned something new...
I have been wanting to get a new bike for a while now... now I DO NOT want one! My butt kills from riding to get ice cream! I know serves me right for going to get ice cream... but seriously - bike seats are horrible now a days! I need a tractor seat - seriously. I don't even have a big ass, but there are days and this was one of them that I have wished to not have a boney ass!!

Sunday night we went to the store, which just soo happened to sell liquor, although that portion was closed, however, guess what I found?!

Yup! My excitement was a bit much! You bet a dollar I went back first thing the next morning and bought some!!

Happy Wife: Happy Life!!

Yesterday we went out to Bluff's Bar and spent the day on the remote island. The girls had a blast chasing each other. Perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and the humidity had gone down as well!

Today I am back at work, which the girls didn't seem to mind because they were clearly too tired from their weekend at the lake! I must say though it was weird coming to work on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday!


Kae said...

ohhh the cottage looks amazing :)

Nikki said...

The view from the cottage is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

That cottage looks like a lot of fun!

Leslie said...

SO many things I love in that post! The Skinny Girl Cosmo is so yummy! I love the green toenails and the pictures from the lake look super relaxing.

J and A said...

Yay for skinny girl!!


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