Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lust or Love?

Who is ready for another list of the things I am loving? I am pretty sure most of it is love, but some of it might just be lust!!

I am loving that the sun is shining again finally! Maybe, just maybe the rain is done for a while!?

I am loving Scentsy!!! I know I mentioned this yesterday and introduced the new animal in the house (Whoot), but not only do I love it, but M does too!! Score!

I am loving My Fitness Pal!! I have signed up, you can find me as lifeasiknow09. I love how easy it is to enter your food! You can just scan the bar code of the product instead of searching aimlessly!!

I finally sold my old washer and dryer yesterday!! This makes me very happy!! Like incredibly! Because number one, it was easy cash, and two is two less things cluttering up the hobby shop aka the storage shop!

The birthday rush is over, but I did love celebrating!! Mine is coming up next!!!

I still love instagram! You can find me by searching lifeasiknow09.

I love that I cleaned the mudroom last night!! Yup, instead of doing it in the day I did it last night, floors washed and all!

And because I haven't shared any pinterest finds, here is what I am loving on there lately:

Pinned Image
How cool is this for table top smores? Terra-cotta pot, tin foil and charcoal!! Brilliant!!

Pinned Image
Rocky Road Brownie Pudding Pie - looks pretty easy to make and pretty yummy!!

And of course some quotes:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday Friends!!


Christa Waldrop said...

Love the "OK" pin! Happy Wednesday!

Significance or Nothing.

Leslie said...

Tabletop smores..... great idea!
I love your first quote too - that is exactly how things happen. All at once or nothing. I keep trying to tell myself that but that doesn't seem to help the frustration level sometimes. Ha ha

J and A said...

Love those pins. The s'more idea is genius!! Great things to love!!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love these quotes!

Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)


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