Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So What Wednesday

I have decided to link up with Shannon for a few "So What's" on my list right now:

So What if:
- I have started out on this new venture with Scentsy and as excited as I am, I also soo scared!!! I would love for this to be successful. I love the product soo much and would love to be able to share something I believe in with all my peers! You can find my site here ! I learned last night, thanks to Alison, that the taxes vary as to where you live and the shipping is not bad at all!! So shop away friends!! You can save 10% up until the end of August!!

- I have lectured my dogs like crazy to get along! They are inseparable, but seem to be scrapping a bit more than normal, to the point of having some scabs. Gracie is clearly the trouble maker, as the majority is on Lily. So I told them they need to play nice or I won't let them play together!

- I have been getting a bit frustrated with baseball lately! For a few reasons including my own lack of skill lately... apparently hitting a good ball and catching a ball are hard work? No? Clearly I am handicapped! I am also frustrated with the lack of commitment as the end of the season comes forward. I am down 2 players due to injury, which is understandable, but I keep getting last minute cancellations and it is hard to find girls to play ball.

- my laundry is beginning to build up again. I hate time of use! I hate having to pay more to wash laundry during the day, because let's be honest, it isn't going to do itself at night and clothes don't dry on the line over night!

- my niece and nephew have their seasons mixed up:

H insisted that B wear this hat! Reminds me of this picture from last year:

Apparently Christmas can't come soon enough!

- while on the topic of Christmas, I have bought a few more Christmas presents!! This will be great as long as I don't forget what I have bought!

- my allergies are beginning to annoy me! Ragweed is at a high of 90 here! Get it out of your gardens people, it is NOT a flower!

- I weighed myself yesterday in the evening and then learned that you are supposed to weigh yourself first thing in the morning! The results were waay better! I am down 4 pounds!! Thank you my fitness pal!

- I have 9 photography apps on my phone!! I like to take pictures and love my newest app Camera 360!!

- I decided to show M how annoying it can be to want to sleep, but you can't. I decided to just randomly tickle him throughout the night. He did get rather frustrated, but now understands why I am soo frustrated! And now he has stopped randomly waking me throughout the night when he can't sleep!

- we have a brand new patio set and have not eaten on it yet! I guess we technically could have last night, but we didn't and tonight we won't because we have ball!

I think that is all I have for today! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Super-exciting about your scentsy business!! They are really fun and fill my house with lots of delicious fragrances! :)
I try to always weigh myself in the morning! Makes me feel better! :)

J and A said...

Oh Gracie and Lily...trouble makers! Love the xmas hats in the summer! ha ha I know I really want to hootie owl! :)


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