Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanks on Thursday

Today is all about giving thanks for random moments in life like:

- people who don't know how to carry on a conversation and it goes from hello to awkward silence....

- the noise crickets make when someone asks you when you are going to have kids.... this is one of my favorites!

- venting my frustrations about said above question and those people hearing... ooops...

- drinking skinny girl white cranberry cosmos - sooo thankful!

- being frustrated with people on the ball team for NO SHOWING and having to play ball with only 9 players in an unfenced field.

- tying up the game with the above statement!

- drinking palm bay cherry limeade's after an awesome ball game.

- maybe just alcohol in general

- oh and good friends!

- friends from thousands of miles away, whom I would love to sit down with a bottle of wine and drown our sorrows in ;)

- family

- videos like this one:
That make any annoying moments disappear!!
Happy Thursday!


Kristin said...

I could use a cosmo now!

J and A said...

Oh yes!!! If you were near a bottle would already been done!!! Damn miles!! Yay for drinks!!

Leslie said...

I am very thankful for a glass of wine right now!


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