Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five Yo!

High Five for Friday Yo!!!

I am linking up with Lauren to tell you about my 5 favorite things from this week:

1. I am favoring my new blog design, it was another DIY adventure! But to be honest, I like my new font better, but I miss my old background! I am going to try to keep this one until next week! We will see!!

2. I also did my sister's blog design and that my friends needed to be done! I am kind of jealous because I love her background!!

3. I am totally not the type to rush summer along, but the humidity has been gone and this weekend is supposed to be in the low twenties (Celsius) and it reminds me of fall! And then I look on Pinterest and it's all pumpkin recipes, sweaters and boots! I love fall!! But summer can still take it's time.

4. I am loving this quote:
Pinned Image

5. I love that we won our ball game on Wednesday!!! I also love that we have found THE patio set! We have a conversational set, but do not have a dining set, the price is perfect and I love the look! Hopefully we can get one tomorrow and that they are not sold out!! I will be saving over 50% yo!

Providence 9 pcs Dining set

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


J and A said...

Cute new looks for you and Amy!! Nice work. Where us the table from? I like.

lori said...

that patio set is awesome! where did you find it? ive been looking out for a patio set for us since we're building a house, i figured now would be a great time to get one on clearance!

Jessica said...

Your sisters blog is so cute!

Sarah said...

Loving the design!!


Sara said...

Awesome patio set! And I am loving your new blog design! The colors are great!


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