Friday, August 10, 2012

What Is A Girl To Do/Friday Letters

Sorry for the blogging interruption yesterday... it was raining. I know, you read that correctly - the drought has ended, not that we really had a drought, but the grass is getting greener. We haven't had rain like this - well I don't even remember the last time!

So you are probably thinking - okay Ashley it was just some rain, why the heck didn't you blog? Well you see, what else is a girl to do on a rainy day? SHOP!!! But not just shop, but head to the USA to shop!! Yup I went to Port Huron with my sister! I think I actually out shopped my sister for ONCE!

Wonder what I bought? You are in luck, I thought a head, knowing I would be blogging from the office I took some poor quality pics late last night!! Here we go:

Scarf, Belt, Strawberry Slicer!!

Tank from Vanity, T-Shirt and Cocoon Sweater

New Curtains for the Dining Room from Target - which let me down massively!! No maxi dresses!!

I bought 2 maxi skirts (striped and black one), 1 maxi dress but is not fancy, lace short sleeved cardi, and a tank.

This fabric (which I LOVE) will be seen later in a surprise DIY project!!! Can't wait!!

More fabric!!!

I am not sure how I ended up with this - it must have just jumped in the car... because I DO NOT need another bedding set! M thinks I may have a problem and for once I think he is right! I cannot fight the urge to buy new bedding!!

Now for some letters:

Dear Blogger: I really don't know what is going on with you - but you have really screwed up my last post on my photo wall and now I need to figure out how to fix it or I will have to rewrite it - thanks!

Dear M: Your birthday is coming up on Sunday!! Soo pumped!! Oh and sorry for buying another bed set - at least if something ever happened and we had to live on the streets, we will be warm - trendy and warm - or we could sell it for food!!! (Yes this is how I just justified another bedding purchase.) I also want to thank you for my lunch today!

(Our conversation went a little something like this: A: What are you gunna make me for lunch today? M: I don't know - we didn't do groceries. A: Okay but seriously what are you gunna make me? M: Well I decided that the money I make is going to buy you lunch today. A: Okay, where is it? M: In the bank card.)

Dear Rain: Nice to see you, thanks for making things green again! No offense though, I am ready for the sun again!

Dear Target: You really let me down!! I looked on your website and saw all this kick ass clearance and you had pretty much NONE! What is up with that? You did have the curtains, but no table cloths. M thanks you for not having the yellow and gray bedding set though, but I am still a bit bitter in all honesty!

Dear Hair: I hope you are having fun doing yourself today, try not to be too frizzy! Okay? Okay!

Dear Skin: Seriously let's call a truce and be friends! I am sick to death of this acne BS and now dry skin! I don't even know how to correct this, although coconut oil seems to a partial remedy for the dry skin at least!

Have a great weekend!


Samantha said...

Love those curtains! I need to get some for my dining room!

Allie Todd said...

The rain has now come my way! I woke up this morning to a torrential down pour that's going to last well into tomorrow.

(...although, it's a good excuse to be a hermit and stay inside and watch movies:)

They're even staying there might be a tornado on the lake! Crazy! (So I might just stick to shopping online haha)

Sarah said...

cute letters :)


Leigh said...

You found some cute stuff! I am hopefully heading to that States for a shopping trip at the end of the month when I go home for a visit. I can't wait!

Kristin said...

Loving all the fabric!


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