Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Day of Gracie

Oh Gracie.... That was said several times yesterday!

The morning started of typically - she snores, quietly and utterly, but she snores.

Later on in the morning he was sick. She's not like Lily who actually paces so you know to let her out, nope Gracie sneaks off and throws up in the mudroom - on the rug of course.

Here she is outside, waiting to come back in:

She looks soo pitiful!! I guess I would too if I ate plastic, just sayin'.

She's been stubborn lately with eating because of the new food bowls, they are stainless steel and bigger, so either she doesn't like her own reflection or the size of the bowl because she leaves a layer of  food along the bottom. Maybe she s watching her waistline? 

Then last night I took them to the farm. M's mom asked me to do her hair and offered to make dinner, so of course I agreed. 

And then it happened:  that moment when you think your dog is missing or something bad happened, went on a search for her in the dark at the farm, got cold, wet soakers in your shoes - it happened tonight! Where did we find her? Locked in he shop, safe and sound! Here is what went down:

M got to the farm so I let the girls out to go greet him. They usually run down to the shop. 

M comes in the house with Lily and asks why I didn't let Grace out. I told him I let them both out. Turns out neither one of them went down to see him- so where the heck is Gracie? He called for her, I called for her and M decided to go look around for her. He came back with nothing, so I decided I better throw on my coat and shoes and go find her with M. My mind began to wonder what she could have chased, was it coyotes, deer, raccoons, etc. There was no sign of her. We headed down to the new shop where M had been, which is surrounded by mud and water and of course M had the flash light. I stepped in the deepest puddle of cold water - yuck. Wet socks suck! 

M opened the shop doors and sure enough Gracie had been safe and sound in the shop! She must of snuck in when the doors were closing! 

My shoes didn't fare so well and neither did my socks, but my sweet Gracie girl was safe and sound and that is the important part! Little stinker! 

Wish us luck with the food bowls though!!


Leigh said...

Glad to hear she was found safe and sound :)

Rebekah said...

Haha, oh Gracie. Poor thing! That face is too cute though :) Glenda is weird about things too, if we change anything of hers she kind of holds a grudge for a few days.

J and A said...

Oh Gracie!!! Glad she is ok. I would lose my mind if Cruz was ever lost!! Geepers! She is so cute in that photo though!!

Allison said...

Doggies are the best thing ever! One time, Zoey ran off when I lived in an apartment. I grabbed her and squeezed her so tight because she nearly gave me a heart attack! She's the light of my life!

Megan Wait said...

Oh poor Gracie! I'm glad you are home safe!

emi said...

cutest dog! love your blog and love following it! XO

Katie said...

glad she is okay! and that she ate last night! she is so pretty! looks like my dog!!


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