Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally Friday

Yup - totally missed Thursday!! Oops!! Work was super busy!!

It was our first day of clinic with the new office!! It was also my first day back to work after the holidays!

Sooo are we ready for some randoms from the week?

This is my 600th POST!!! Wow!! Crazy to think I have had something to say for pretty much 600 days... probably not all that crazy when you think of it that way!

Bought myself a new curling iron last night - one with a clip in hopes that I will not burn myself! And what a deal I got - a $100 curling iron for $40! Winners!!!

And the curls turned out pretty awesome!! And I didn't burn myself... And it only took my 15 minutes! Score!
The product:

While I was there I also finally got the dogs new food bowls! They have been in desperate need, their bowls were actually chipping. The cats also got a new bed!

Today was a happy mail day!! Got my old navy order, my chapters order, and apparently a delivery came in after I picked up this morning for my urban planet order. Love boxing week sales!

Skittles = newest addiction! It's bad!

I am still crocheting dish clothes! I think I will make 3 more!

I am loving my new foundation Aubrey from The Kinch Life recommended: Maybelline Matte Mouse! It is awesome and actually covers for the whole day! I am hoping I won't need it as frequently since I started taking Evening Primrose Oil supplements!

I am looking forward to TV starting back up next week, although I did enjoy Parenthood, Law and Order:SVU, and of course Chicago Fire!

I am really wishing that someone would do a tutorial for those super cute beach waves or the curl away from the face! I don't even know if that description did it any justice.... I attempted it this morning, but it's still just not quite what I envision!

I still need to put up my 2013 calendar! I'm only a few days behind!

I'm looking forward to purging the upstairs this weekend!! Wish us luck!

I am super excited for Katie who is expecting her first little miracle!! Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!!!

Oh and a random question - how do you people add pics to your blog and place them from your iPad? I am struggling - hence the no photos lately!!

Have a great weekend friends!!


J and A said...

Love your curls!! Chicago fire is soooo good! Wow you are quite the shopper!!

Leigh said...

Love Winners for deals like that...I found my curling wand and flat iron both from there for less than $40 each. Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

That's awesome, 600 posts! I'm so close to my 500th :)

Your curls look gorgeous.

I'm so excited for Katie too! She will be the cutest mama.

Enjoy your weekend!

Katie said...

thank you for the shout out ashley! you are so sweet! and what a good mail day! I just watched the recent episode of parenthood - i love that show but it is so sad lately!

Kimberly Bonham said...

Just found your blog from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. Love your blog!
New follower! Follow me back too?


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