Friday, January 11, 2013

High Fiver

Wow, I wasn't sure if I would find Friday this week!!!

I have been super busy at work and I will be honest, I am loving it!! With the new clinic open it has been great!

The weather is supposed to be warming up tomorrow!! It's supposed to be sunny and warm in Saturday!!! Can't wait!!

Last night I came home to find glittery pipe cleaners throughout the house! I knew exactly where they came from! I went upstairs to my craft room, to find the door opened a crack and more pipe cleaners. Then the little culprit came out from under my sewing table.... Can you guess who?

Miss Binx.... Avoiding eye contact of course!!

I swear there are very few dull moments in our house!!

Jazz got a bath this week. She wasn't very happy:


I hope everyone has a great weekend!! I am hoping to accomplish a few things around the home.

Luckily I washed socks on Wednesday night because it really sucks wearing your husbands dress socks to work, that you are constantly pulling up because they are too big!!  You bet laundry is on the lit this weekend, and if the weather co-operates I might just get to hang them on the line outside!!

Another funny, yet constant in our house would be when either M or I cannot find something, spend forever looking for it and still come up empty handed. Then we ask one another to look and they find it no problem - it happened last night before bed with my cord pants! We do end up laughing about it and then usually where we find it is where one us already looked!

And I am happy to announce that Gracie ate last night!!! She eats, just not all of it, and last night she still left a layer along the bottom of the bowl...

Happy Friday!!!




J and A said...

Silly cats! :) YAY Gracie for eating. Have a GREAT weekend!!

emi said...

cute blog!! love it and now love following you! XO

Whitney said...

Your kitty is so cute! I had a kitten when I was growing up named Jasmine. There is nothing sweeter!

Great blog! - Whitney

Anonymous said...

My cats have not been very cute lately haha The one keeps scratching at our wooden TV stand and I've been finding a lot of other scratched up spots :(

Cute post bath pic and the 'I refuse to look at you' pic is hilarious!


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