Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinterest My Friend...

Wow it is Wednesday! We have all made it to the middle of the week!!

Now that my trip is booked and paid for - I am pumped as in soo pumped I need to start wardrobe planning!! Soo I have been on Pinterest looking for some inspiration:

summer maxi ideas

I have some maxi dresses and skirts that I think I will be bringing, as well as some summer dresses!

And then there are these:

Super cute outfits for summer!

I like to start packing early with hopes of not forgetting anything!

This picture looks just like Grace and Lily from the the distance:
Pinned Image

Rather funny because we have a picture of them sitting in Lake Superior from our road trip like this! Except of you did look closely and knew my dogs - Lily is bigger with red hair and Gracie is smaller with the longer tail and curly hair. So basically the pic is reversed!! But still nonetheless neat!

I am seriously contemplating getting a tattoo! I have found the perfect one, I just can't decide on location. This is what it will be like:

Pinned Image

Looks small enough that I could get through it and it wouldn't take long. I love the word HOPE! And it means soo much to me. I do have a fear though of needles - so we will see. But M said if I get one he will get one. I think he is banking on the fact that I will chicken out - but like I said it is important enough to me. I am not someone who is willing to get "inked" for nothing.

Pinned Image


Michelle said...

Oh my, I love all of those pins! I am so glad maxis have stayed in style - one of my coworkers and I were saying just this morning how it's pretty close to being just as comfortable as sweats! Have a great day :)

Wine and Summer said...

You're making me so excited for the spring and summer. I cannot wait to wear cute outfits again!

Shay said...

I need more maxis in my life for sure! And I am with you- I would be terrified of getting a tattoo!

Emily said...

i love love love all those maxi dresses and skirts! i've been scouring the web already for some nice maternity options because i know i will be living in those come may and june! thanks for some inspiration!!!


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