Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Night of The Ashley's

The title is of course referring to The Bachelor!

I am very glad that Sean is the one, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down!

Crazy how many Ashley's were on the show. I did not think my name was that popular - but man I was wrong!

I didn't exactly watch the show straight through with my fullest attention because it was girls night, but I think I saw just about all of these girls.

The girl in the wedding dress (Lindsey) - a little crazy, but funny when d-runk!

The 50 shades girl (Ashley P - way to tarnish the name... lol) - glad she is gone. Did she really think he would like her!?

Soo glad Kacie is back!! I like her, but I don't really know how far she will get!

I thought Amanda's awkward moment with Sean was funny. I don't think it will be the last - but at least they will be able to laugh about it!

Why did Tierra get the first rose? Did I actually miss something? Or was it random!?

Overall I am happy with the girls who stayed, aside from Brooke - I am not sure that she belongs?!

Can I just say that I need that girl who was a personal organizer!! Please!

I was very happy to Aerie! I may have a slight crush on his stellar looks! Can he be the next Bachelor?!

Looks like it might be a good season!!


J and A said...

So entertaining!! LOVE it.

Katie said...

i love the bachelor! some of those girls are so crazy!!


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