Monday, January 21, 2013

Great Weekend with My Man!

M and I spent the whole weekend together and the only thing that could have been better was the weather - because we have snow again!
Friday night I watched the movie The 5 Year Engagement:

It was pretty good, I do like Emily Blunt, but the movie did have some weird parts.
Saturday we got our passport pictures taken - turns out we will be needing them a little sooner than anticipated!
(that sentence deserved capitols)
I bought a new jacket and some new booties:
They are grey not green like the picture may suggest lol.
We had a lunch date at East Side Mario's. Did groceries, I bought myself some new face lotion. I am trying out Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer. My skin has been soo dry lately and this has helped already!
I also tried my new body moisturize I got for Christmas:

It's amazing!! Love it!! Highly recommend it!
When we finished in town we came home, we looked up options for our trip, I made some taco dip and we watched This Is 40.
It was pretty good. Another movie where the "F" word was said waaay to often, it had some stupid parts, but all in all wasn't bad.
Sunday M and I tidied up the house, laid in bed and talked (procrastinated putting away laundry), put away laundry and packed for our 3 night staycation (an hour away from home) for M's board meetings, conferences and banquets. I was struggling with choosing which pair of boots to wear with my new dress. And some of you asked to see a picture of we minus my 15 pounds. So here you go:
I am thinking the black boots? Opinions?
Make sure you pop back tomorrow to find out about a give away I am partaking in! Trust me you won't want to miss it!!


Katie said...

we saw both those movies! i like emily blunt and the main actor too (can't think of his name!). We liked this is 40 too, but there was a lot of the f word! super cute outfit! i like either color!

J and A said...

Shopping queen! wow. I use the morocan shampoo and conditioner and love it. I wasn't a fan of either of those movies...I was expecting them to be way funnier I guess. Glad you guys had a great weekend together. I still say brown boots!

ousoonerchick said...

The 5 year engagement was I only so so. I like the black boots.

Jessica said...

Totally agree on 5 Year Engagement! It was super cute and funny but did have a couple of awkward scenes.

Jessica said...

Totally agree on 5 Year Engagement! It was super cute and funny but did have a couple of awkward scenes.

Allison said...

I loved "This is 40". I thought it was absolutely hilarious! And I think the brown boots give the belt a pop! But both are really cute :)

Leigh said...

I wasn't a fan of either of those movies....we watched This is 40 yesterday and we all said it was terrible. Sure there were a few (limited) funny parts, but definitely could have been way better! Where are you going on your trip?

Laura Darling said...

I want to see both of those movies! Glad to hear they are decent!


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