Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five/Another Birthday

We made it to Friday!!

But first off I need to send a HUGE Birthday shout out to my nephew!!! He is ONE today!!!

He came into this world mighty small:

You may recall this post. We were pretty concerned about him being soo early!! But he is stronger than anything now:

This was from in the fall - he is even bigger now!! You would never know he came into this world soo small!!

Can't wait to celebrate this whole weekend with him!! Saturday is his birthday party and Sunday we are heading to Ronald McDonald House to cook dinner for the house guests.

Moving on to the highlights of my week:

Last night's conference was great the entertainment was a casino night. They gave us "$500" each and M and I played Black Jack all night. I lost ALL night! Another contractor gave me his chips to play with- I won big on those, but gave them back obviously. So depending on how much you "cash out with" for every "$100" you get a raffle ticket to enter to win door prizes. We went for the TV, but last minute I had one raffle ticket left - M told me about a Blackberry Playbook, so I put ONE in it and sure enough I WON it!!!

I was thrilled!! I still am!!


We enjoyed our staycation. I miss all my four-legged babies, so I am happy to be heading back home after work today!!We loved having access to the pool at the hotel:

Listening to the waterfall was soo relaxing and we had some awesome people watching while in the pool. Our guess was that a young couple was breaking up, she was crying and his leg was twitching... lol


M took me shopping yesterday!!! Yes he actually told me I NEEDED to buy new shoes!! I couldn't say no!! But I forgot to take a pic of them!! I also bought myself a Fitbit!! I am excited to try it out!! We got our passports done - now they just need to come in the mail! This weekend's task is to BOOK a trip!! I will post my outfits next week!!


I really loved spending time with M!!! It was great to "get away". Although he had meetings and I had work, it was just nice!


It's Friday and that is just a cause for celebration there!!

Happy Friday Friends!!!

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J and A said...

Lucky you winner!! Awesome. What is a fitbit? Glad you had a good week away, I am sure the pups will be happy to see you! I would miss Cruz like crazy.

Kae Schumacher said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow i wish my husband would tell me to go buy new shoes insisting that i go shopping! lucky you

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I have been so jealous of all your instagram pics! I love hotels. :) Happy Birthday to the nephew!

Shay said...

How awesome is that that you won that playbook? I would be thrilled too!

Katie said...

that is awesome that you won! how fun! And that pool looks so nice!!

thompson said...

woo hoo! sounds like you had such a fun time. staycations are great. it's so nice to spend time together and relax!


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