Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five for This Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!

A great week it was!


The Everyday Joys

I missed blogging yesterday because I was baking!! I managed to make more banana chocolate chunk muffins at M's request. They even have muffin tops:

I also attempted banana bread bites but in all honesty they are like banana chocolate chip cookies, minus all the sugar that is in cookies!! M is a fan!!

My sister found another chevron good!!! A blanket!! It should be in my possession tonight!!

I'm winning the battle with Gracie's eating. Wednesday night I taught her about bribery. I took away her bed (which she loves) until she ate. She decided to eat right away. Her bed and her bone mean the most to her. Last night she ate her whole bowl no problem!! Winning!! 

I am alo super excited to announce I have met my first weight goal!!! 15 pounds gone!! I don't even miss them. My fitness pal told me I needed to make a new goal so I have decided on another 5 pounds to go! I also think I may have convinced my husband to try a Zumba class at home with me from online! I might just burn more calories laughing than exercising!! Found this on Pinterest:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

A guy actually instructs the class!!

Have a great weekend friends!!

Today with the Tennerys Friendly Friday


J and A said...

15lbs gone wow! You need to post a photo of yourself!!
LOVE the blanket!

Jessica said...

Proud of you girl!! 15 lbs is great! Those muffins look SO good.

LaynahRose said...

I love that chevron blanket...and I love the "our life is perfect-even when it isn't" quote!

Kristin said...

Congrats on the 15!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...what? All I saw was muffins... ;)

Natalie and Lee said...


Katie said...

congrats on 15 pounds - that is awesome! I love anything with bananas and chocolate chips - yum!

Marsa said...

haha that class looks like so much fun!!

btw im hosing a giveaway for a cute clothing boutique and if you have time i'd love for you to enter it too :)

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