Monday, June 17, 2013

That's A Wrap

Another weekend has came and gone!

Friday I sat out in the sun and have started to get some color and some more freckles...

M stopped home and got the puppy pool out for the dogs. Which of course they loved! They were in it before it was even full:

Gracie was a riot with the hose this year as well. She may have been soo excited that she did puppy sprints around the yard. She also worked on running and jumping into the pool. 

I popped down to J's for a glass of wine and then came home to find M home early! So we got dinner going, got ready for ball and headed out. 

I may have finished said bottle of wine in a tumbler with a straw at ball.... I added ginger ale - that makes it not soo bad right? Lol. They lost the game anyway! Clearly they should make wine glass tumblers - just sayin'.

Saturday I did some house work and laundry - the housework mainly consisted of filling the new vanity. I actually have drawers in there now and I haven't figured out what is going to go in them yet! Love the extra storage!! 

M striped the pavement off our driveway to get it ready to hook up to sewers (we have a septic tank) and I went and babysat Miss Tessa! 

When I got home I touched up paint in the bathroom so the counter back splash can go up! M stained the new side and it all just about finished! I'm hoping tomorrow night. I would like this project finished before the sewers get done this weekend - hopefully. 

My sister finished my anchor necklace finally!


We popped into town for some groceries and had to stop at the grand opening of our new ice cream joint! 

Sunday we were up way to early. We headed down to the lake for Fathers Day, although the weather wasn't boating weather, we enjoyed a dock day. I couldn't take the dogs to the lake again without a swim, so we took them to the end of channel and let them swim. Lily didn't want to get out and Gracie loved jumping off the cliff to get in! The day was pretty perfect, we played some dice poker, euchre, cleaned the boat, headed home and had supper at the farm. 

I was wiped and went to bed at 10! 


J and A said...

I love doggy excited sprints!! Good work on polishing off the bottle. They do make wine glass tumbler!! :)Very cute necklace, your sister is so talented! YAY for new ice cream joints! Sounds like a good weekend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm excited to see how the bathroom turns out. I love extra storage in the vanity- I had it when there is only room for a pedestal sink, or people only choose to put those in.

I miss having a lake close by. Prairie problems!

Kristin said...

ohhhh the anchor necklace is fab!!


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