Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Never Ever Ever...


Never ever ever:

- will I be able to wink without scrunching up my hole face just barely seeing out of my "open" eye. Nope never!
- will I like snakes or spiders

- will I rub my eye with Vicks on it. That hurts a real lot! I had put Vicks on my nose and forgot which finger I applied it with and then my got itchy and then the intense burning began. Man I hope I never do that again!! 

- will I eat fish. I am allergic.

- will I let M cook hot dogs on the stove. The smell sends me heaving. I got food poisoning once as a child and still cant eat them.

- will I buy a dodge vehicle again! Lessons (yup that is unfortunately pleural) learned. 


Shelley said...

I hate hate hate spiders. Thanks for linking up!!

Stephanie Wolfe said...

the vicks thing sounds TERRIBLE! i think it'd be a good plan to never ever ever do that again lol. thanks for linking up with us!


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