Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Rewind Tuesday Style

This post is from my iPad and I'm not able to fix the pics yet - so bear with me for now!! 

Our weekend was a super busy one, but nonetheless fun!!

Friday evening we had my Dads retirement party! It was fun celebrating Dads past 31 years and the city engineer. I haven't had a lot of time to edit pics from that night, but here is one!! 


Right as that finished we had to rush off for ball! And they won!! 

Saturday M was putting in our sewer line, we decided since it was going to be super hot this week that we would put the pop up pool up one last time in our yard to cool down in. Yesterday for example was  31 feels like 39!! Hot!! We have put the pool to good use!! 

M also happened to find this cute little guy in the yard! He almost got stepped on!! 
Just a wee little guy!! 

Saturday night we headed to my sisters for dinner with Dad before he moves up north! 

Sunday we started with a lazy day with a sleep in until 10 for myself!! My allergies have just been horrible with the humidity, so I haven't been sleeping well! 

Sure enough I checked my phone around noon and noticed that S had texted and was coming over! So we quickly thought up a snack, got dinner ready in the oven and headed outside to greet them. We spent the afternoon in the pool. Little W loved the pool! Then we invited them to stay for dinner. We had roasted chicken and rice and some fresh veggies cut up. Just as they were leaving M got called to play ball! 

So we hurried off to the ball game and then came home relaxed! 

Yesterday I had to take B to his peds appointment. He was not a fan to say the least!! 


J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! You look awesome!

Rachel and John said...

You really do look so beautiful! Where up north is your dad moving? Northern Ontario is my favorite!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great picture of you two!

So envious of the heat! Maybe not quite that hot but I'd love to be able to wear shorts without freezing!

Team Harries said...

Fun!!! Cute pics too :)


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