Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Its Wednesday?

My week is seriously just flying on by!!! Can we just slow it down for a minute?

Monday I was in London with my sister, taking B to his pediatrician appointment. Then our girls night.

Yesterday I was babysitting Mr. Greyson. Poor little guy must be going through a growth spurt, he would be playing away and then would get fussy and fall asleep on me. It reminded me of a puppy, how they play, play, play and then crash suddenly! Last night was spent at my Dad's getting him packed up and moving stuff into storage.

Today I need to put laundry away. I seriously do not like this job! It's like filing in an office... I hated that too! Back to Dads tonight.

I can't believe my Dad is moving to Trenton!!!

It is crazy packing up his stuff, seeing all the old birthday cards and fathers day cards that we have made since we were kids - he held onto it all!
This weekend is going to be super busy as well!! We have a ball tournament, it is the villages big weekend, so a dance, a parade, a fire muster for the kids, fireman's breakfast and fire works. Sunday after the breakfast we have our annual White Trash Day festivities. Monday is my Mom's 60th!! So we are headed to the cottage in Grand Bend for the day.
And then next week we are hopefully installing the pool, assuming I ever hear back from the bylaw officer!!


J and A said...

You do have a busy weekend coming up! wow! I need a pool!! :)

Murdock's mama said...

Such fun stuff! I love it! :)


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