Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Friday!!

It just dawned on me that last Friday's title may have been the same... but who cares!

This week has been pretty good! I will admit I tried to take an outfit post picture and I failed! It was crap! So until I get decent at those you will just have to imagine my coral floral shirt and coral shoes that matched.

I had blood work done this morning and oh my goodness when did my veins get soo crappy? She couldn't feel any, then decided to take from the side of my elbow... ouch! Luckily she used a butterfly needle, however once she got in it stopped working. I had 3 people trying to get blood out of one tiny vein that wasn't pumping anymore blood. So what do they do? They fish around for it. Sorry to those who are now queasy, as I was too. So they decide to pull it out as I am beginning to get lightheaded. I hate needles and today I really hated them!! So they got me some water and a heated bag and warmed up my veins. They finally got it out of my other arm after they "anchored" my vein. Yup... super fun times.

After that horrific scene, I decided I should hit up Costco. I bought some wicker resin planters, a shirt for M, a gift, and some sorbet popsicles.

Instead of burrowing myself in my closet today like I did yesterday:

part of the closet

shorts and pants that have been taken out for storage
I plan to sit out and get some sun on my skin! Although I really should get sewing this fabric into curtains for the dining room!! My order came in!

What have we got on the go for this weekend?
-Saturday I am babysitting miss Tessa. M will be ripping up our driveway to start installing our sewers - which will hopefully be done next weekend.
-Sunday we are headed to the lake to celebrate Father's Day.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


J and A said...

Enjoy the sun - work stuff can wait! Your poor arm - that is no fun at all. Yuck to blood work!! :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh how I hate having blood taken! That sounds like an awful experience. I probably would have fainted.

I LOVE your curtain fabric!

Hilary said...

Uuuuugh, that is a huge fear of mine. I pass out SO easily when things like that happen. I'd have been laid out on the floor.


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