Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never.

I've seen this floating around blog world and I kinda liked it... Okay I really liked it. Duh. 

I always say good night to everyone in the house and by everyone I mean the pets too, since Mike and I are the only humans in our house. 
I always use speaker phone now when I talk on the phone! I hate holding a phone! 
I always have a glass of juice in the morning. I'm lost without it! It is like my coffee! 
I always rub my feet together as I fall asleep. It's soothing or something and now M does it too! 

I sometimes forget to give the the dogs treats through the day! Oops! This week they tricked me and got 2... Mike gave them one and then I did... Sneaky bums!! 
I sometimes just want to have dessert for dinner! It's not very often that M agrees. 
I sometimes procrastinate when possible. Like putting away laundry... Actually I always procrastinate with that! 
I sometimes try to watch those Real Housewife shows and actually end up feeling really dumb after. 

I never go running. My knees just can't handle it. Walking will do! 
I never jump in a pool when I am hot, I will walk in super slow still. It may drive M nuts. 
I never watch sci-fi shows. Star Trek was about it as a child - is that considered sci fi? My imagination is just not there! 
I never watch scary movies anymore! The last one M and I watched was in high school when I used to love them. It was Jeepers Creepers and it scared M and I soo much we couldn't finish watching it! I'm still afraid of transport trucks! 


J and A said...

Cute post idea! I LOVE scary movies - just not alone! :) I could eat ice cream for dinner any day!! :)

Sarah said...

3 things: One-I also NEED juice in the morning (it's my coffee!) Two- I rub my feet together to fall asleep! And three- Jeepers Creeeps scared the CRAP out of me. I don't think I'll ever be the same..


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