Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chevron or Stripes??

So as we know, I have been mentioning painting our dining room wall. Well I started yesterday with primer and today will be with the white paint - which I have not changed, it is the same white throughout the house. 

The blue wall is officially gone! It was fun, but I am soooo ready for a change in my life and this just happened to be the easiest thing for me right now. 

The weather finally cooled down so I could tackle this. Originally I wanted a chevron wall, but now I am second guessing myself. I am afraid it will be too busy. What can I hang on it? So of course I brought up Pinterest and searched chevron wall. 


I love it! I really do and I can imagine it in my dining room.... But... What do you put on it? Most of the walls are just chevron, no art work. Insert dilemma - this is pretty much my only solid wall in the room without a window or door way (well actually it does have a doorway to the kitchen... Which means I actually have no walls without something on them...). Yes, this makes it the perfect accent wall, I couldn't imagine it yellow like the rest of the room. But that means it is pretty much my only wall to display anything 
picture wise. And I don't want it to look too busy:


What can you hang on the wall?? 

So I am considering scrapping the chevron and going with stripes. I've always loved stripes, heck if you looked in my closet you would see stripes. Insert striped wall option:


Mine would only be one wall! 



and I can hang pictures:


See where I am stuck? I'm not afraid of the trendy feel a chevron wall brings because let's face it I love chevron and I can't imagine not loving it, which is just how I feel about stripes!! Damn indecisiveness!! 

So here is one more look but in a dining setting:



What do you think? 

Mikes vote, believe it or not, was chevron, where as mine changed to striped. 


Rachel and John said...

I vote Striped. I love chevron but I think it will soon go out of style and then you'll want to repaint. Stripes are classic and will never go out of style! Plus I think they are less work.

Mitha Komala said...

i like the stripes better. it is more relaxing :) xx

Letters To Juliet

Jessica said...

Haven't been commenting in a while my twins have me busy. But I vote stripes!


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