Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love Love Love

So I will start if today with the fantastic winner of the Voice last night!!! My sister is pretty mad.... Because the girl I picked from the start won!!! And I mean Team Blake Shelton the whole way for the 2nd year in a row!!!! Danielle Bradbery won!! Here is some of her amaze-balls work:

She is like a Taylor Swift combined with Carrie Underwood!! Can't wait for her record!!
Moving on....
I love that instead of making dinner last night as I had planned, I ended up picking up dinner because we had no power. Luckily it came on just in time to watch The Voice.
I love that they changed the flavor of the green skittle. Life changing moment - its now green apple!! Amazing change!!
My Dad's Retirement party is on Friday and guess who has a tonne of clothes in her closet, but still has nothing to wear - that fits. I am hoping that I will be able to wear this dress that I wore in Jamaica:

But it is too big! So I am heading to the farm tonight to get M's Mom to help me take it in! I had only wore it once, so I figure it is worth the repair! I have it in purple too so I am going to have her help me with both!
My garden is growing like a weed, but it is weed free thanks to using the planters instead of the garden! My beans and corn are taking off!! I don't see much happening with the carrots, watermelon or lettuce compared to the corn and beans.
The rest of the week evenings are going to be busy! We have dinner at the farm tonight, baseball tomorrow night, Dad's retirement party and baseball right after!


J and A said...

I think that's who my Mom liked on the voice too. :) YAY to not making dinner but boo to no power. I'm sure the part will be great and you will look great - TAKE A PICTURE! :)

Simply Amy said...

My hubby picked her from the start. You look great in those photos!


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