Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year In Review: 2013

Oh 2013, what a truly amazing year you have been!!! 2012 was rough and there was nothing more that I wanted then to start a fresh year with fresh perspective. THIS is what I wrote at the beginning of the year. I remember posting and having this as my screen saver on everything:

And yours.... @Alison Black

And it was!! I am happy to admit! Despite our troubles in 2012, I had soo much HOPE for 2013 and it really paid off!
What happened? Let's review shall we?
We saw a naturopath for the first time. Where I was diagnosed with B12 and Folate anemia/deficiency. Started supplements right away.
We went to Jamaica and loved it:
Recap here
We did a yeast cleanse when we got back from Jamaica for the month of March. You can read more about the cleanse HERE.
It was not our thing, but we completed our 30 days.
On the cleanse I lost 15 pounds.
From January - April I lost a total of 30 pounds.
I was soo proud of myself!!
In April we put in new counter tops in the kitchen. They changed the whole look - a much needed update!
It brightened the kitchen up a lot! We still have the back splash to do, which will hopefully be done come the new year. I've said that all year long but it has been bumped numerous times!
We also updated the bathroom vanity.
We painted the dining room wall:
Love how it turned out!!!
My Dad retired:
We finally took an updated photo of all of us!
And little did we know at this point that we were expecting!!!

(3 weeks pregnant and we didn't know it)
We put in the pool.
Canada Day weekend we found out we were expecting!!
Read about here
We took our first family photo:
Excuse the glowing eyes it got darker quicker than we could get the pictures in!

We beat 4 years of infertility!! What an amazing accomplishment!! A true miracle!!
You can find our story:
I celebrated my golden birthday! 29 on the 29th of August.
We saw our baby for the first time!!
(7 weeks)
And the 2nd time 2 weeks later:

(9 weeks)
We are the happiest we have been in years:

We had pictures taken to announce our pregnancy:

We celebrated the marriage of our best friend!!
I chopped off my hair for the first time in years!

Saw our baby for the 3rd time:
(18 weeks)
We hit the half way point in our pregnancy! Is it just me or did time fly by this year?

We updated the kitchen hardware!! 
We dressed up for Halloween!

We decorated the nursery. But you can't see it yet because it is not finished!! M did a fantastic job!! 
At 25 weeks I was diagnosed with borderline hypertension. I was started on medication twice daily. 
I fractured my ankle a day shy of 26 weeks pregnant! Not fun!!
We did get to see the baby for the fourth time during our hospital visit when this happened, but didn't get a picture. but just seeing the baby and knowing s/he was okay was enough!
We ordered our car seat!!!

Saw the baby for the 5th time because of my blood pressure! Baby checked out to be doing great.

(27 weeks)
We hit the 3rd trimester! In the home stretch now!!

We celebrated Christmas with my family! These two enjoyed playing with their cousin:
We celebrated Christmas Eve:

We celebrated our last Christmas as just M and I, yet celebrated the Best. Gift. Ever. with our baby in my belly!! It really was special!! We may have went a little overboard, but they say that is to be expected? Lol.

Our Christmas Day family photo:

We purchased a new fridge and stove! They won't be delivered until the new year. We weren't exactly planning on this one, but decided now or never. 
I got out of my air cast on the 30th of December! Just in time for the new year. I still have a tip fracture, so I need to be careful and introduce walking slowly, but it does feel great to not be so limited with cast!

I will update our NYE photo later, once we take it! 
This last year has honestly been one of the best of our years together, since we have been married. We have literally floated around on cloud 9 since finding out we were pregnant. The difference a year makes is soo incredible. We went from being in a not-so-great place last year (and previous years while struggling with infertility) to having this year mean soo very much to us. Carrying this miracle of OUR own, knowing how far we have come, enjoying every minute of this pregnancy despite the flu, blood pressure issues and fractured ankle, we are blessed and so incredibly fortunate to be experiencing this stage of life!! 

My lessons this past year:
 Never lose hope! 
Don't let the worst of your situations bring down your best!! 
Start each day with a thankful grateful heart.

 I so very much look forward to 2014!!! Meeting our baby, starting our life off as parents, introducing our baby to our family and friends, and embracing this life as it comes at us. 

2013 was pretty awesome, but here is to 2014!! 

Happy New Years Friends!!



Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You knew that it would be your year! So crazy how much can change in one year. Wishing you all the best in 2014, and I cannot wait to hear about the arrival of baby!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What an amazing year!! I'm so thrilled that 2013 was the year for you two!

You did so many home renos! I'm so impressed! Your kitchen look greats and I'm a huge fan of the grey striped wall!

You look amazing- both before getting pregnant and now, of course!

Can't wait for Baby Vance to get here!


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