Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labour Day Weekend Rewind

We had an excellent weekend to say the very least, but let's be honest you know me and I am not one to say the least, so here is what went down:

Friday was birthday. I meant to post, but found myself not quite ready to reflect on being 30!! Wow! That will be coming your way maybe tomorrow!! I had a nice low key day, the weather was nice, we went to. M's ball game, which they won and then out for wings after! 

Saturday we had an appointment with the bank regarding this insurance claim renovation, which went great and then we did a grocery run. 

When we got home, we had a tired little boy who went down for a nap and did some housework and yard work while he napped for (2 hours) - I put that in brackets because we could hardly believe it!! Haha.

Carrie and Steve came over for a visit and dinner, which was great because we don't get to visit often enough with them living all the way up North!! Noah enjoyed his visit with them both, especially when. Carrie shucked the corn haha - he would laugh soo hard at what we are assuming were the noises? Not sure, but we were all laughing by the end of it! 

Carrie brought these delicious mousse desserts from St. Jacobs market and I am needing to go there myself for more!! 

We had a great visit and can't wait to see them again in a few weeks!! 

Sunday we stuck around home, as it was hot but gloomy! We did spend sometime outside on the swing set and we tried the pool, but Noah was not in the mood for a swim! Noah did try blueberries and loved them! 

Still can't believe he is 6 1/2 months old!! Wow!! 

And to top my disbelief he started sitting all by himself! He isn't 100% sure of it yet, but craves that independence!! We find the bumbo must be helping with strengthening his back! He also had some quality time with the dogs when he was supposed to be doing "tummy time" but just rolls over instead! Little stinker! 

Sunday night we had a nice roast beef dinner, and settled into a normal bedtime routine since Noah has been off for a few days with the my birthday, ball, company, etc.

Yesterday we decided to head down to the lake despite the gloomy skies and raining falling. We packed up and headed down and by the time we arrived the clouds were breaking and it was a gorgeous hot day on the water!! Noah actually enjoyed himself too, which made it a lot better!! I will let some pictures do the talking: 

Noah's personal "pool" on the boat:

Our family photo attempts, with hot and humid crazy hair on my part:

Grace trying to convince me to take her for a swim:

And of course some snuggles:

Of course Noah protested napping aside from on the boat ride in and out, so needless to say he was tired. Our drive home was rather chaotic with a few stops and a fussy baby, a car sick wife and tired pups! We were all happy to be home and grateful that the lake is only 45 minutes away, although it took us a lot longer to trek home this time! 

A storm was rolling in, so we enjoyed a few snuggles with Noah before putting him in bed! He thinks laying in M's spot in bed is the best thing: 

Overall it was a fantastic day ending a great weekend!! 


Kristina said...

omg HE IS PRECIOUS!!! I am soooooo behind on blog right now its crazy. I have to catch up on this cutie!!!

Hilary said...

Cute bathing suit!

Did you make his blueberries? I'm scared to try them! So far his bananas, peaches & green beans have stained his clothes - I'm scared of anything worse!

Beckett has starting taking "real" naps now, too! Both days this weekend he fell asleep in the car, I took him inside and he passed right out in his crib. It was awesome!

Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend! Your birthday desserts look delicious!!


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