Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Noah - 7 Months

13 lbs 12 oz - 6 months
14 lbs 3 oz - 26 weeks
14 lbs 11 oz - 28 weeks
15 lbs 9 oz - 30 weeks

26.75 inches

Sleeping: Sleep is still going well and nap time is starting to get a bit better - when he has them!! He sometimes decides to forgo naps, which makes for a long day, especially when most of your day is spent trying to make him nap! But other days he has an hours long nap, sometimes 2 hours!! Bedtime is around 8-8:30 and he sleeps until 6, unless Daddy wakes him up around 5:30 depending on when he has to work, at which time I feed him and then M puts him back down, where he will usually sleep until 8 AM, sometimes 8:30! 

Feeding: Noah is nursing every 2.5-3 hours, sometimes 4 hour stretches, but more consistently 3 hours when he has cereal! Typically it is 3 hour stretches in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon and down to 2 in the evening. I am trying to pump twice a day, just before bedtime, and once in the day time, but sometimes the daytime pumping is a no-go, as it depends on Mr. Noah. He loves eating solids! As time goes by, nursing in public settings or around others is getting to be pretty challenging, as it distracts Noah. I understand that this is 100% natural and if anything it will make him transition a little easier when it comes to weaning him.

Noah is not a big fan of green beans, prunes or watermelon. He gets very upset when you try to feed them to him! Of course I made a bunch of green beans, so I will have to find a creative way to get them into him!

Foods Noah tried this month: 
- watermelon
- apple juice
- pear juice
- apples
- peaches
- green beans
- peas
- zucchini
- apricot
- nectarines
- blueberries
- mango
- wheat
- prunes
- butternut squash

We also tried the mesh feeder! At first he wasn't sure, but he warmed up to it and now loves it!! I also have him a few Rice Krispies to try, but he wasn't too sure of them! However after trying to get him to feed himself a second time (the first time was a no-go), he fed himself some bananas! He will also drink from his sippy cups on his own too!! Mr. Independant!! 

Clothing: 6 month sleepers, although about 3 of these are starting to be too short. Baby clothes are soo inconsistent! The 9 month ones are nowhere near his size yet though! He had some 3 month onesies that still fit, but I packed them up with the 3 month stuff, figuring the 6 month ones will fit soon enough. He has some 3-6 month that still fit. 6 month pants are just starting to fit, but most are too long or big in the waste, so we kept the long 3 month ones out. His swimsuit is still 3 months, shorts are 0-3 or 3 months, as the 6 month ones are too big. 

Diapers: Noah is still sporting size 2's! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: We didn't see the doctor this month!!

Nicknames: Stretch, No Nap Noah, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: His hands, his fleece blanket, his lovey bears, snuggles, his turtle, his exersaucer, mamaroo, walks in the stroller, the bouncer, jolly jumper, Lux, Jazz, Grace and Lily. Noah loves seeing himself. Noah wants to stand all the time now or sit. He loves eating!! His mobile in his crib!

Dislikes: Green beans, prunes and watermelon. He also hates being done eating! Even when he is full, he still cries about it! The boy loves his food! Teething is also no fun!! Poor guy has been battling them coming up and going back down! His gums are rock hard, but no pearly whites yet!!


Fur Baby Update: Noah loves spending time with his fur siblings! And Gracie is especially loving Noah, especially now that he can sit!! Lux loves snuggles in the nursery chair and believe it or not but Noah is actually really good at petting the pets and is pretty gentle! 

Personality/Events: Noah had his first swing ride at the park! He was a little small for it, but we improvised and he loved it!! Noah also enjoyed a day at the lake (finally)!! We are pretty sure Noah's first word is Hi! He "says" it often, although I'm not sure he knows that he's saying it, but with that being said a little girl told him to say it and sure enough he did... So maybe, but it's not said on demand consistently. 

Noah just wants to do everything himself these days!! Watching him this past month and seeing the changes that 6 months to 7 months, he has come soo far this past month! 

He is now sitting up on his own and loves standing assisted of course. He still hates tummy time and just rolls when we try, but within the last few days he will stay up on his arms extended before rolling over! Little bum! 

Noah also went to his first Jays game! Too bad they lost, but that's okay, not like he will remember the game! 

Mommy & Daddy Update: The amount of joy this child of ours has brought into our lives is unreal! We are getting into more of a schedule come daytime and nighttime, which makes life a bit easier in predicting what Noah's needs are! As much as we can't just get up and go like we used to, we try! Most often we forget a few things, but nothing we cant survive without! Soo much planning has to go into outings and we aren't the best planners! We end up throwing everything in the bag and then have to look for something and it's in the bottom!! We also need to learn to give ourselves extra time, loading up the car is no short task! I've learned that one pretty well, since I do it more often, but Daddy struggles a bit with this one! It did crack me up when M made a comment about having to pack food for Noah now that he's not just strictly breastfed and how it's more planning there too now! 

I have been loving making our own baby food for Noah!! 

I cannot imagine life without this sweet baby boy! He is the happiest baby I know! We sure are blessed!


Aubrey said...

His smile is infectious!!

Lindsay said...

OMG he is adorable! His blue eyes are beautiful! It's nice that he is trying and liking so many foods! We have just started cereal and then might try some others next week. Have you tried any meats yet? xo

J and A said...

He's catching up to D in the weight dept!! Go Noah! Such a sweet happy boy! I love that he loves food. Delainey never really liked tummy time either!

Hilary said...

Yay Noah! He's gained so much weight! :-)

Beckett isn't a fan of green beans either. I usually do a cube of those and mix them with something sweet - butternut squash, peaches, etc. If I mix with something watery like peaches or pears, I thicken it with either some cereal or some yogurt because it's SO watery.

Have you made homemade carrots yet? I've fed him baby food carrots, but bought my own to make. I'm nervous because of all the warnings about nitrates.


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