Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was great!! One wedding down, one more to go this coming weekend!

Friday night was our first night home all summer - no ball!! It was great! We celebrated with a nice comfy night on the couch, watching the good wife of course, while Noah has in bed by 8:30! I will admit, it was kinda nice being able to stay home and not go out, especially since the weather has decided to go all fall-like already! 

My allergies have been horrible! Ragweed has made my face and sinuses swollen, it is horrible! Of course I am trying not to take any meds, but I've had to give up and take Benedryl! 

Saturday morning M was supposed to go finish a job, but it was raining, so we lounged in our pjs all morning and had some good old family time! Then we had to get ready for the wedding that we had! The wedding was great, nice and low key, simple and filled with family! Noah was making strange with new people, all the lights, etc, but overall he did great! Not to mention how cute did he look??

And some family pics at the wedding: 

We were home around 9:30! Noah had a rough time settling after all the lights and excitement at the wedding, but finally gave in and slept all night! 

Sunday we headed to Toronto. My allergies were even worse, but I refused to let that hold me back from enjoying our day celebrating M's birthday. Yes of course it was in August, but I got him Jays tickets for yesterday's game! 

Our family picture (with Noah not looking...) 
(see swollen face... not fun)

The jays were not off to a good start, but with 2 out in the last inning, they decided to tie up the game and go into extra innings! It was pretty intense! 

But they ended up losing in the extra inning! 

It was a fun filled afternoon! We headed home right after and of course I ended up in the back of the truck on the way home, so this mama was feeling pretty carsick ontop of the bad allergies! 

We got home, fed the little monster and then just as we were about to head out for a family walk I ended up with a nose bleed, on top of my headache and my allergies hit the all time high. Defeat! I wasn't going anywhere! I could barely talk I was soo congested! So I got my Pjs on and settled in on the couch with a box of Kleenex, Vicks, Benedryl, and water! 

Luckily today I am feeling somewhat better! My face is still swollen, but my nose isn't constantly dripping - yet! 


Murdock's mama said...

Poor thing...allergies suck! :( Feel better mama!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

You just can't catch a break!! I hope you are feeling better. Noah has the cutest smile!!

Mimsie said...

Haven't commented recently, but I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the adorable pictures of Noah. Feel better soon. When the snow falls, your allergies will go away--ha!

J and A said...

Yuck to allergies, J gets them so bad too. :( No fun. But otherwise looks like a great weekend. Love the ball pics and the family photo at the wedding!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Your allergies sound horrendous!!! You don't look swollen.

Glad you had fun at the Jays game! You guys looked great at the wedding!

Nice hoodie!


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