Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loves On Wednesday

A while has gone by since I have shared some of the things I am loving, aside from my sweet little family, but of course they will be included too!!

I am loving that we are finally getting some summer weather! I have felt soo ripped off this summer, but you won't find me complaining that September has actually been HOT so far!! It is welcomed with open arms!!

I am loving these outfits:
SO many cute outfit ideas! All my style!
I know they are clearly for fall weather... but I have to prepare myself! Hopefully I will have some fall clothes that fit!

I am loving the photo book that I ordered! Despite the issues I had with the company, the frustration was worth it and Photobook Canada actually came through for me! This is such a memorable keepsake that I will hold dear to my heart!!

I also just made a book of my maternity pics from My Publusher... hopefully they make a good product! I wasn't a fan of their software, that much I know! 

I am secretly (not so much of a secret now) happy that the ball season is finished after this weekend!! Don't get me wrong, I love watching ball, I love our team, but I do look forward to freeing up our Friday nights, not that we have that much going on, but September is crazy busy for us!!

We have two weddings back to back and I am loving these pieces from my sister's etsy shop and hoping she will manage to get them done in time for me:

Ivory pearl braided cuff, ivory pearl bracelet, bridesmaids bracelet, ivory bracelet, pearl bracelet, statement bracelet, elegant bracelet

Braided pale pink ivory and gold bib necklace, braided beaded bib necklace, pale pink necklace, pink bridesmaids, gold bridesmaids, necklace

Black and silver multi-strand bracelet, black beaded bracelet, silver and black seed bead bracelet, black bridesmaids, boho bracelet,

And I have decided on the second dress yet, or even the first one... but I like designs and know she will do colors to match perfectly!!

But I am thinking I love this hair do for at least one of them:
Messy French Twist, perfect for brides! #weddinghair

I am loving this headboard and I am pretty sure that we have some barn boards from the farm that I know could make this beauty:

Since we have decided we like the room the best the way we have it and will not be changing it around anymore! 

I am loving this little boy... he is the apple of my eye. I can't get over the changes he makes every single day, right in front of me!!

I am not loving my allergies, but this did make me laugh!! It is soo true!

I am also pretty sure I have decided on a color scheme for the new bathroom - finally!
I do not like the colour choice, but the idea of the coordinates only being on display this is great - either for a linen closet or a bathroom or even a craft room office

Minus the white towels because let's be realistic - my husband works in mud and I have a son! haha!

And we will finish this post off with a quote that is holding true to me right now:
Whatever is worrying you right now, forget about it.  Take a deep breath, and trust in God.


Kristin said...

Pretty in love with ALL of those outfits! And I'm dying over the ecard - SO TRUE!

J and A said...

I love all those outfits too. I need to go shopping but it probably won't happen. I really do have a full closet!! Love those pieces Amy made, so talented!!

Hilary said...

Love those Nike's & the bathroom color scheme!

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE those outfits. Now I want to go shopping!!! :)


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