Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday. Randoms.

I'm not sure what's up with this week, but Noah seems to think we need to get up early every day so far! But with that being said he has also been napping longer!

Have I ever mentioned that I actually like making my own baby food for Noah? I'm not a huge fan of buying store bought baby food, although the options they have are away better than mine! I need to spice things up in the combinations! I will say I love having store bought pouches for on the go though! Soo much easier!! I even bought my own refillable pouches so I can use my homemade food. Noah also doesn't car for jarred baby food from the grocery store! But he is such a good eater! 

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to start pushing on with exercise, got my fit bit back out, logged some food - found my weaknesses and still work to cut back (chocolate of all things - STILL!! Not sure what this pregnancy has done to me, I used to hate chocolate). I was stuck at 9 pounds left to lose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight and that finally dropped to 8 not too long ago! 8 doesn't sound like that much, until it comes to dropping it the hard way! Trying to lose weight and keep up with my breastfeeding has been such a struggle for me, as I don't have what one would call a great supply!

I would exercise and sure enough my milk supply would decrease, so I was waiting for my body to cue me when would be a good time to try more activity and I took the dropping 1 pound after 5 months of trying and failing as that cue! It's bad enough you need to intake more calories due to breastfeeding, with the big part choosing healthy calories instead of junk, which is hard! I'm not a dieter, I want to be able to eat what I want in moderation and work it off.

Last night was my first Zumba class since well before I got pregnant. I had to stop a lot earlier because of the medication I was on, my body just couldn't tolerate the temperature changes from the hormones I was on and I would end up just feeling dizzy and exhausted - not worth it! So when my friend said she was starting back up (she had her baby about a month after I had Noah) I knew this was going to be hard, but something I wanted to do! The time is a bit tricky, as it is Noah's unwind time before bed and usually he is a bit cranky, but luckily M is pretty comfortable dealing with it and ultimately puts Noah to bed every night when he is home.

I survived the class, and actually I felt really good afterwards! I was able to keep up and didn't feel like dying afterwards! I guess I was in better shape than I thought! Amazing what walking can do and lugging around a baby. It was a fun hour of high energy activity! 

Today I feel pretty good, a few sore muscles and my ankle is a bit sore, which I figured it would be, but overall this is good for it I think. I look forward to next weeks class! Feels good to be back at it and hopefully my supply keeps up! 

Last night we also had girls night and for the first time in a long time we were all there!! It was nice to catch up with everyone!! I was able to at least run home and shower before heading out and kiss my sweet baby goodnight!! 

I really need to figure out what I am going to wear to this wedding this weekend! I am also really looking forward to taking M out for his birthday present - we are headed to Toronto for a Blue Jays game! Noah's first game, great seats and I'm sure it will be soo much fun!! We haven't been since just after we got married! Ready for a flashback??

Look at that blonde in my hair! I kinda miss it! But it is away to much maintenance!! Which reminds me I dyed my hair again! It is DARK, like really dark, but I do love it!! I forgot how much I love my hair super dark brown, although it kind of looks black right now, luckily the stuff I used gives you 3 tones, so it appears to have some "natural" highlights! 

I'm pretty sure that is all the randomness I can handle for one day! I will leave you with another pic of Noah: 

Happy Wednesday!!


J and A said...

Nice work on the Zumba class!! :) I've never taken one, I am not the dancey type at all!! No rhythm here!! A ball game will be so fun! We haven't been to one in years!! You got pouches! Nice. I love ours.

Leigh said...

Nice job on the zumba class! I'm so not coordinated either. I miss a good, hard workout. Excited to get back into half marathon training after baby too :)

Kristina said...

I feel the same way about the baby food pouches. There are great on thew go. I make my own food too. I actually bought a reusable pouch and it works great too. Way to go on Zumba! I have to get back in shape! It just has been so difficult!

Aubrey said...

I've never done Zumba but ppl swear by it! The best way to get back into working out is with all of your new lulu lemon clothes :). xo


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