Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors

Yup - no doubt that is what I am nick naming M and I on this Monday morning after completely a crazy long to-do list, that I didn't actually think we would complete having Noah with us all along the way! But we managed - somehow, someway! No doubt come Sunday evening we were beat!

The list: 

After reviewing and coming up with a game plan, we decided right off the hop that we would not be completing the toy room! This weekend was gorgeous and the toy room is a project for a rainy day! But fear not, we threw in some extra projects to keep us outside, like close the pool, and bath the dogs. 

Friday night we made some last minute plans to visit some friends, however, we ended up cancelling last minute because we could not get out of the house without Noah crying. Poor guy was out of sorts because of this damn cold! I even made cherry cheesecake. M ended up running to town after we got Noah to bed and surprised me with McFlurries when he got home! 

Saturday morning I had a little sleep in, we had some family time before starting the list! It was soo funny that both M and I really enjoy crossing things off the list! Needless to say I will be making weekend lists more often! 

We started with Noah's pictures, which you will see tomorrow in his 7 month post (better late than never), which reminds me I have soo much catching up to do on this little blog of mine... Newborn photos, Naming our Son, finish recapping our trip out west this summer, the renovation updates, etc. We decided to divide and conquer a few items and then we got ready and headed down to a birthday party around the corner for our friends little guy who turned 1! We only stayed a few hours because Mr. Noah was in need of a nap! 

I have actually started putting the phone off the hook when Noah naps lately because we have found it to wake him. Nothing is more frustrating than waking a sleeping baby, who doesn't go down easy for nap time- especially when it takes me over an hour sometimes to get just 20 minutes! 

When we got home, we put Noah down and got right to work outside. Of course his nap was short lived, so we set up the pack and play outside and he played while I vacuumed the pool and M weeded the garden and cut the front lawn. 

He didn't last long in the pack and play either! Once again he is just out of sorts with this cold! So I brought him inside, fed him, while M cut the lawn. We decided to try another nap, which we had more success, so I hung laundry out and M continued working on the yard! S and W stopped by for a quick visit as well, which was a nice surprise! 

We managed to cross off a few more items off the list before bath time and then bedtime. We ended up eating some cherry cheesecake, as our back up plans fell through with our friends again when their little guy got a fever.

Sunday we spent more time together, closed the pool, put away laundry, made baby food - side note pureed chicken is nasty!!

Look at that grin over blueberries!! He LOVES them! 

We took this sweet picture:

Then we took advantage of the warm weather and bathed the dogs!! All in all we got soo much done, yet spent soo much time together at the same time! It was great! Here is how the to-do list ended up:

And a few add ons:

Overall it was a great weekend! We were happy campers come 8:30 Sunday night when we sat down to relax! We were sure Noah was going to have a rough night with his cough, but he finally settled when we went to bed!

Today we are enjoying nice weather again, although I think groceries will end up being done today too!!


J and A said...

Nice work on that list!! Wow. I need to make a list after all this party stuff is done. Hope Noah is all better soon. LOVE that photo with the pups. SO sweet. Yeah ground chicken is no good!! I did little pieces instead.

Hilary said...

You are brave! I said I won't feed B any meat until he can actually chew it up. Pureed meat seems SOO gross.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love crossing off lists! Cute notepads too!

Sounds like a super productive weekend, despite Noah not wanting to nap. Hope that cold goes away soon.

Yuck to puree chicken, any puree meat actually! We also just give small pieces and Leo just chews them right up. He loves meat!

Noah is getting so big and cuter every day!

Aubrey said...

Your list makes ME tired!! :)


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