Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five Friday

Oh my goodness we have made it to Friday!!! And after my morning this morning (hence why I am posting in the afternoon) it is surprising!! 

In true Noah form... He is just napping for the first time today, you know at 12:30 and by the time I am done this post, he will likely be awake! 

I have been fighting with my insurance company over $4000 for a few weeks now and I think we have finally met a settlement this morning. This also means that my roof will be getting fixed soon now! I am very disappointed in our insurance company, especially with this being our first claim ever, little did I know how they work. Now I do and I am not impressed! As if needing a new roof isn't stressful enough? 

On an high note of the day I won this Lulujo blanket from a baby shop near by:

Noah loves his Lulujo blankets and will love this too I'm sure!! 

My house is a bloody mess and it is driving me crazy and this weekend is going to be super crazy, with  the all tournament and then heading to the lake! 

Oh and Noah is awake now... Seriously dude? 20 minutes is not enough for how grumpy you were getting!! 

We have our 2nd heat warning of the year out there and it actually does feel like 40 degrees! No complaints here, aside from some crazy storms that came with it! 

Yesterday Noah and I had a great day. We went and go Noah weighed - 9 ounce gain in 2 weeks! Go Noah go!! Then we headed to my cousins new house in Guelph, we had a great visit, Noah was on his best behaviour and just enjoyed our visit as well! He slept on the way there which is about 45 minutes and on the way home! We also stopped at the new costco right near my cousins house and grabbed some more Gogo Squeez that were on sale! 

My lululemon order came in as well and I am loving my new sweatshirts!! 

And on that note, I gotta go, because Noah is now calling!! Haha. I will leave you with a pic of him:
This is from yesterday, because we haven't had a chance to take one today... It's been that crazy!

Happy weekend friends!! 


Aubrey said...

Hope your crazy day settles down and you have a great weekend!!

Hilary said...

Whoa - hot! It's hotter there than down here! I hope he starts napping better for you - I know those days! Since we've been back from Michigan Beckett's been taking a 2 hour nap pretty much every day, which has been great. The last couple of nights he's gone down at 7-7:30, waking around 3:30-5 to eat for 15 minutes and then sleeping again until 8. It's been awesome! I'm sure since tomorrow's the weekend he'll be up at 5 or 6!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is HOT! Its was a lot cooler here this week but around 20 today, glad to see the sun again!
Happy you finally got the roof figured out but too bad it was not a better process for you, so frustrating!
I hear you, someone else has had short naps this week wearing me out!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That's annoying about the roof. Insurance companies can be so difficult.
Oh Noah! Leo naps well during the day but nights have still been a struggle. I can't decide which is worse!

What shirts did you order from lulu? Like I need anything!! Haha!

Have a good weekend.

J and A said...

Nice work on the blanket win- I haven't heard of those. What did you get from lulu - now you are hooked!! ha ah


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