Thursday, September 25, 2014

{3} Things

Noah has his first cold ever! It started with a "fake" cough that turned into his first fever. Poor little guy! There is nothing worse than seeing your baby sick and helpless!! We gave him some Tylenol and that took care of the fever right away. Now the little man is out of sorts, but still pretty happy for being under the weather! The snot sucker is not his friend right now, but no complaints with the boogie wipes! At least they smell like grape!!

The weather is gorgeous again! Just in time to close the pool this weekend!! This weekend is going to be jam packed with housework, yard work and family time! The dogs are also going to get one more bath outside while we can. 

Tonight is a big night!! I have a jamberry nails party to goto and can't decide which wraps to get! I like too many!! Some of my faves: 

And it's a big TV night tonight with Parenthood, Greys, and Saving Hope! 

It's also my sisters anniversary!! 10 years!!! Hope you guys are having a great trip in Vegas!! 


Leigh said...

Poor Noah...hope he feels better soon!

Hilary said...

Poor Noah! I hope he feels better soon! Hyland's makes a cough syrup that's homeopathic if he needs help sleeping. You give them a minimal amount - 1/2 tsp. I've given it to B a few times when his "daycare cough" is really bothering him.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm impressed Noah has made it 7m without a cold! It's still sad when they get them though!

Have fun at the jamberry party!

Katie Jeanne said...

I love all of those nail wraps- how will you ever decide? I am sorry Noah isn't feeling well :( My little guy has been in the hospital this month with a nasty sickness, so I feel your pain. I'll be praying for your little guy!

Kristin said...

I wish someone I knew hosted a nail party! Always wanted to try those

Stephanie said...

OMG...Noah is freakin' ADORABLE! :)

I hope he feels better soon! :(

J and A said...

Poor Noah!! I hope he is better soon. I thought D had her first cold but it was just teething, it only last a couple hours!
I love my jamberry nails, I just never make time to put them on! Nicole and I split them - we have that green floral, white chevron, gold stripes and another I can't think of! Which did you go with?


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