Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Another super busy, yet fun-filled weekend has gone by and luckily it was mostly warm, yet crazy windy! The leaves are starting to change colors here as well, which makes sense since tomorrow marks the first day of fall!!

Friday night we had a nice low-key night, I finished getting caught up on the good wife! I also went to bed early because my allergies seem to have turned into a sinus infection and this mama is still feeling rough!

Saturday morning we did some housework, and got everything ready for Noah's first full afternoon/evening without us. So we had his food ready, bottles, clothes, pjs, etc., all ready for my Mom who arrived around noon. M and I quickly got ready, and put Noah down for a nap before we left.

We headed to Niagara for a wedding at one of the wineries. The day was perfect, super windy, but warm at least! It was great being apart of G and L's wedding day!

After the wedding we went on a wine tour. The Riesling was nice, but that was the only one I enjoyed, whereas M loved the red! We enjoyed some appetizers and mingling while the bride and groom did pictures.

Us with the bride and groom:

And a little pearl power from Emmie Mae Boutique:

Noah had a great day, up until bedtime when he cried himself to sleep... poor baby! Needless to say that broke this mama's heart and I couldn't help but to sneak in a snuggle with him when we got home!

Sunday M ended up playing ball, so after my Mom left, we went down to the park to watch. It was such a nice day, as much as I had a long list of things I wanted to get done. I caught Noah having a snooze at one point... there is just something about a snoozing baby:

Then later in the afternoon, we went to my sisters for dinner and I finally found an excuse to make cherry cheesecake! Yum!

It was nice to spend sometime with my whole family! 

We got home, bathed Noah and got him in bed and that is when I had planned to watch the good wife season premiere and fell asleep and my pvr screwed up and only taped half of it... not impressed!! 

So today is low key, because I am still not feeling soo hot and I've got a lot of housework to do!

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J and A said...

Awe poor Noah, glad you guys got away those. I LOVE wineries!! Looked like an awesome time. Love the dress and pearls!


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