Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Lovely Little Wednesday

Ahhhh we made it to the middle of the week!! Tomorrow I plan to do a little update on the 21 day fix M and I are doing, so today I will share some of my current loves!! Now with that being said I have no internet currently.. So we will see!

I am loving my outfit that I wore on Monday! These boots are officially my fave!! Soo comfy even after wearing them a full day!! My sister bought me them for Christmas!! She actually bought me the scarf too!! I wish I had taken the pic in the morning because I had great hair too, but instead I took this before M and I worked out and my curls we're going flat! 

On Monday I also picked up these adorable hats for Noah, of course he tried them both on: 

Oh how l love me some owl hats and clearly Noah does too haha

I had a great day Monday crossing things off my list of things I needed to get, like a humidifier for Noah's room so we could get ours back!! Then I hit up the dreaded Costco... Which was fine, just busy!! Noah was with Grandma, so I also grabbed groceries on my way home!! 

Zumba was cancelled last night, and if I am being honest, I am not complaining!! It also gave me the excuse to stay in my jammies all day!! I will say that I get dressed usually every day, even though I am a stay at home mom!! This pin is not at all realistic for me: 

But yesterday was -20+ degrees Celcius out and my flannel pj pants were just too darn warm! 

Tonight I'm trying out the new spa in town that just opened and will be getting a much needed spa pedicure, which includes a hot stone massage!! My feet are really looking forward to it!! 

Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday!! 


Jenn said...

Your outfit is cute and I love the kids hats!!

J and A said...

Excited for your thoughts on the Fix! :) So proud of you guys! Love your outfit and boots and those cute owl hats. We have a few owl ones too from my mom. Enjoy the spa!!

Hilary said...

That was one of my struggles during maternity leave - I didn't mind getting dress, but spending an hour showering & doing my make-up and hair just to turn around and not go anywhere was so frustrating!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Nice outfit!! You look fabulous!!

Cute hats Noah!

I need a pedicure! Good thing I got a gift certificate for Christmas!!


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