Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Recap

Happy New Year!!! 

We survived the holidays here and in good health despite all the bugs going all around us!! 

Christmas was fantastic!! And oh so much fun with our little guy!! 

Christmas Eve Day was spent literally baking all day!! I made pumpkin pie, Christmas Crack, 3 different batches of muffins, hash brown casserole and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! 

We started a few traditions as well, aside from baking, which I would like to do every year, maybe not soo much, but baking none the less! We had pizza for dinner, which this year we bought since it was just M and I to enjoy it, but in the future when Noah can partake, we plan to have homemade pizza on Christmas Eve! I'm sure there will be some years we order in! We love going to the Christmas Eve service at our church in town, although the time was a bit tricky this year, Noah was a champ!! When we got home, we quickly snapped our annual Christmas Eve photo, set out Santa's snacks, read The Night Before Christmas in front of the tree together and put Noah to bed!! 

Can't forget carrots for the reindeer!! 

After Noah was down, M surprised me with flowers and chocolate recognizing that it was my first Christmas as a Mom!! He is seriously so sweet!! 

Christmas morning M was up early, eager for both Noah and I to get up, which we finally did at 8:15! M is a huge fan of Christmas and I love seeing how excited he was yet again for Christmas, just like he used to when we were first married! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas too but it really is M's favorite and we are sure it will be Noah's too!! 

Noah was all set to get started: 

Noah infront of all the presents once Grandma and Grandpa arrived! 

Lily picked her stocking right up and was about to tear into it, but we decided we better help her! 

Santa brought Noah his own little Lazy Boy:

And then we were well on our way to opening presents before Noah needed a nap! 

Heck even Santa brought matching Superman costumes for Grandpa and Noah!!

And I finally finished Noah's blanket and needless to say he LOVES it!! 

Grandpa was sure to get Noah ear protection for all the heavy equipment! Just his size:

Noah got Daddy Lego!! 

And we can't forget the digger!! 

Picture with Grandma and Grandpa:

And of course our Christmas Morning Family Photo 

Owe enjoyed a nice lunch before heading to my Aunts house for the afternoon and dinner. My Mom came home with us when we left, as we had Christmas with my parents and sister on Boxing Day. 

Miss Hannah: 

Brandon helping Grandpa open his present:

My Dad made Noah his own little toy box:

Noah is soo lucky to have such a crafty Grandpa!! And loved his new toy box!!

And his new racer set!!

Cousins playing together: 

Then after dinner we had the kids help out with the dishes, which they both loved!! 

This pretty much summed up our Christmas celebrations! We had one the weekend before Christmas with my Dad's side of the family while my cousin was home too!! As well as one with Mikes side of the family as well!! It was a busy,net super fun holiday season and I am more than sure that Noah's first Christmas was amazing, even if he can't remember it!! 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas too!! 

I am ever hopeful to get back to regular posting soon!! 


Murdock's mama said...

I love your Cookies for Santa platter! And how sweet was M to get you flowers & chocolate?! Looks like a great Christmas! Happy New Year! :)

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Crazy it's over for another year already

Hilary said...

How adorable is his little recliner!!

J and A said...

He racked in the gifts!!! Looks like a nice Christmas! :)

Kristina said...

Christmas was so overwhelming for us! Noah looks as adorable as ever! He is just darling! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.


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