Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Tuesday Weekend Rewind

You would think we just skip Monday's all together over here lately... But really they have just been super busy and I've been super lazy come Sunday night to write a scheduled post! 

Today we started off with a sleep in till 9 AM, which I knew I would regret later, but hoped it would give Noah the extra sleep he would need to skip his morning nap because we had W's 3rd birthday party! It was actually really nice to have a birthday on a Monday! However, by the end of the party Noah was beat, so I ran some errands, picking up some robeez boots for Noah since his snowsuit has no feet in them! 

Then we came home, had lunch, played a bit and attempted (several times) to nap, but they just didn't happen! No nap Noah was in full force! Luckily Noah loves this little people barn I bought used for $15 in like new condition! Great buy! I saw it at Walmart for $50 and I ended up getting extra toys with it! 

Our day began to fall apart quickly when Noah decided to use his house as a walker and fell face first in it giving himself his first shiner! I'm sure this is the first of many! Walking is dangerous! 

On to Sunday - we had a super busy day! We started the morning off with preparing dinner to take out with us to my cousins and then went through the freezers. That is such a big job and it is suprising to me how much food we have that I forgot about! Now I have an inventory! I also went through Noah's clothes and put them into bins! Soo many clothes! Such a big and sad job! 

Then we headed to my sisters when Noah woke up from his nap for Brandon's 3rd birthday! Yes soo many 3 year olds!! 

 He took blowing out his John deer candle quite seriously! 

We left my sisters around 2:30 and headed to Guelph to visit my cousin and meet sweet baby Gabriel! We stopped at Costco first and typically we were in and out, I don't know how we luck out with this every time we go to that one in particular and then we got gas for super cheap!! 

When we arrived at my cousins, M got dinner warming up in the oven while visiting of course and I snuggled the sweet baby boy! Crazy to think Noah was once this small!! They were born the exact same weight and length and exactly 11 months apart! 

We had brought over ham, scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans and baguette for dinner and I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Melissa! 

Noah began to tire quickly, so after dinner we packed up and headed home. 

Saturday morning both M and Noah slept in until 9:30 while I had a nice quiet morning! We had a busy day making lots of baby food for Noah! Pears, apples and carrots! We also had Hannah and Brandon over as my sister had a funeral. Little miss Hannah just wanted to help with everything, so when it came to peeling carrots - something she had never done before, we let her try! 

About 2 carrots in she decided peeling carrots was difficult (her words) and that she didn't want to anymore! Mike convinced her to try one more and then it was back to playing! Gracie likes to get in on the playing, so I wasn't surprised to look up to find her in the tent with Brandon:

If you look hard you can see Brandon in there too!! Silly kids! I did laugh hysterically when Brandon found Gracie sitting on his blanket! You bet they had a tug-of-war! Noah had a nap and the kids had some lunch. Then it was time to peel apples! Hannah loved this job! She also loved eating the peels! 

When that was done we baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to take to my cousin. The kids loved helping me bake: 

After the cookies were done and Noah was finished his lunch we headed down the park to play! Our neighbours were there too with their little girl and dog, so the dogs had fun playing and the kids did too! 

After the kids left, M and I finally got Noah down for a second nap and then we headed into town to grab some groceries!! 

Friday night was pretty low key! 

That's our weekend wrapped up!! Holy long post!! 


Murdock's mama said...

I went through the kids' clothes this weekend, too. Always such a chore!! And yes, SAD!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Holy busy!! Sometimes naps get in the way of getting stuff done! Although I still wish Audrey would nap bc I get nothing done now! I'm always policing her quiet time shenanigans!

Impressive Noah made it this long without a shiner! Leo has had a few.

J and A said...

BUSY!!! Love you baking with the kids. He sleeps until 9:30?! That's insane!! ha ha

Kristina said...

Poor little man. Jack took a header on Christmas to get his first shiner. I felt terrible! Your weekend looked crazy busy!!!

Kelli Gilbert said...

okay, he's the cutest! glad I found your blog!


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