Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January To-Do

Since January is off to a busy start with yet another Reno, I figure I will make myself accountable for a few things this month!

1) set up Noah's play area in the basement

2) clean office and set up computer area 

3) file papers in said office! I will go through them, shred what can be shred and Mike will file those needed to be kept! I will also update my bill binder!! This thing has been soo useful, glad I made one! 

4) make photo calendar 

5) work on some of Noah's photo books - I purchased 3 from photobook Canada that expire in July!

6) start clean eating and 21 day fix!! M and I both up for the 21 day challenge!! We figure we have done way worse with that 30 day cleanse! You bet there will be more to come on this!! 

7) enjoy a little stay-cation with Mike and Noah during M's drainage conference! 

8) get basement into order as a family room

9) work on meal planning - we do soo much better when we do this and I am actually able to prepare dinner a lot easier when we have the meal planned and even half prepped if possible!!

10) get all new IKEA furniture built! We did a monster IKEA trip bought all new dining room chairs, a cubby unit for the toy room and then we also bought a storage centre for the bathroom!!

11) start sorting out Noah's clothes that are too small into totes by size


Murdock's mama said...

Good luck mama...these are no small tasks!!

J and A said...

Look at you!! Great list. So excited for you to do the fix!! Awesome that M is doing it with you!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Your list is so much like my list!! I've been using those vacuum sealing bags for kids clothes. Definitely saves room!!

My desk needs a lot of attention! So much filing to do!

I'm going to start t25 soon again- can't wait!

Meal planning is the only way we eat here! Without it we just eat out or starve!! Haha!


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