Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey Friday!!!

Wow, it is Friday!! This week just zoomed on by!! Here are some of the things that went down this week and will be going down this weekend!! 

-we were dumped on with snow and crazy cold temps! Yuck! How many more days till St. Martiin?
52!! And if it stays like this, its gunna be a long 7 weeks!

- got our 21 Day Fix Kit in the mail! We are going to start this weekend I think!! I really thought the meal plan was going to be bad, but after looking into it more, it really isn't all that bad! But I haven't played a work out video yet haha. 

- our renovation is just about complete, the ceiling is up, the drywall is fixed in the bathroom, and both rooms are painted and I am very happy it was done sooner than we thought!! Crown moulding goes up at the end of next week and then main floor is done for now... Or at least it better be!! 

- I am loving our new dining room chairs that match our table now and the new bathroom cupboard!! IKEA did not disappoint! Although I wish I had bought another bathmat!! The spaces are really coming together!! 

- Noah is teething up a storm and therefore naps are really hit or miss this week! 

- we have an adult night planned tonight with two other couples for drinks and appetizers! M and I are both looking forward it even if it just a few hours!! 

- apparently Purolator has lost my order... Worst part is I am not even sure what it is!! I think it is my storage totes I ordered from Walmart - they sent me one tote instead of the 8 I ordered!! When I called I had a horrible customer service rep, but after speaking to her supervisor they agreed to send me the rest without hassle. So I might get Noah's clothes organized one day... when they find my order, if that is what it even is! 

- I bought flooring for the basement last week, which we have to go pick up this weekend! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Nap strikes are NO fun! Avery has had crap naps this week at dayhome which annoys me and I am not even there!
I am excited to hear more about the 21 day fix from you!
Have a great weekend! I hope naps improve :)

J and A said...

52 jealous!! ha ha I am so excited for you guys to get started on the Fix!!
Nap strikes...story of my life ha ha!


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