Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!!

It's Friday and after a two day staycation, we are all happy to be home!! Don't get me wrong - we had a great time, but there is just something nice about being home, letting Noah be as loud as he wants without fear of bothering someone else, not to mention we missed our sweet furbabes too!!
Basically to recap our little staycay - M had his yearly drainage conference, so we stay at the same hotel every year, which never disappoints! Tuesday afternoon we started it off with a family swim! Noah was a bit nervous of the water, but I think it was more the size of the pool and it was quite loud with waterfalls and echoes! He adjusted great and made the best of it!

Can you believe how much he has grown? This pic was from when we were in Calgary:

Tuesday night my Mom came to the hotel and watched Noah while we went to The Keg for dinner! She was actually able to get him to bed, which was pretty nice to come back to, as it allowed us to run to the gym quickly for a work out while my Mom was there before we took her home! Noah slept all night and then Wednesday M went to his seminars while Noah and I hit up the ladies program! This year they had a health specialist come in, which was very informative after lunch I took Noah back to our room for a nap. When he woke up we went for another swim and he did much better!! He loved slashing Grandma!! He also loved walking the hallways:

Wednesday night did not quite go as planned though. I went and picked up my mom again to come babysit at the hotel and we had a formal banquet to go to at the hotel. So we got all dolled up, but Noah was being super clingy to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the extra snuggles, but it was hard to leave him. My mom ended up having to take him for a walk to distract him! I popped back the room after dinner to get M some Tylenol and sure enough he was still soo upset! So I texted M to come back and help as nothing I was doing was helping.

When M got back, nothing worked for him either, we tried walking him in the stroller, gave him medicine for his teeth. At 9:30 I suggested taking Mom home and Noah tagging along to see if the car ride would work. Luckily he fell asleep on the way back from Moms. So M sat with him a bit and then his Mom came and sat with him and then we switched again. 

Sometimes nights out just don't go as planned, and yes it wasn't what we had planned, but that is just the way life is and we still couldn't be any happier - we made the best of it! 

Yesterday in the way home, we hit up Costco, where I stocked up on produce and Noah's milk (it's cheaper there) and Target, where I got a few good deals and a new swimsuit top! We had lunch at Five Guys with My MIL- which is not part of the 21 day fix! I think we will add on an extra day or two at the end, although we only missed one work out! 

While we were gone, Miss Lily had a birthday!! 7 years!! Her age is really starting to show now and her bones are definetely aging! Everyday is such a blessing with her!! So today we are celebrating her birthday with extra treats and a nice walk hopefully this afternoon! 


Murdock's mama said...

Aren't hotels HARD with kids!? My kids are FINALLY starting to get better, but man, the change of scenery is tough on them. Plus, we aren't used to all sleeping in the same room, so that makes it tough too. Glad you had one good night at least! :)

J and A said...

Hotels and kids are hard!! But you guys rocked a good staycation! :) Love him walking the halls!!


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