Thursday, January 29, 2015

Naming Our Son

Names for Mike and I were hit and miss, if we had a girl we had a ton of names we loved, but very few boy names.

We had lists of names but found every reason to take them off the list. If it was a boy that we were to have, we had two names and the middle names were fairly easy. I am not going to share our second boy name, because let's face it, it was hard to come up with it and if we have another boy, it will likely be that child's name. 


How did we come up with Noah? Noah is a name that had been on our list ever since we started dating.... You know those conversations that you never thought you would recall? Well we wrote all our names down, including pet names! Of course our name ideas had changed a lot since way back then, but Noah was a name even as a child that I loved! 

I can recall whenever friends or family had baby boys I would secretly pray they wouldn't use that name. That became ever harder when we struggled with infertility, it's not like I could just say this is MY child's name... Don't take it! But luckily no one did! It actually isn't that popular around us. I cannot say that I actually know a Noah aside from my own! 

Jacob is named after M's grandfather who married us! He was such an important person in our lives and we both knew that we wanted him to be apart of Noah's name.

James is named after Mike's Dad. We knew we wanted our fathers names to be apart of our sons name and it was honestly hard to pick which one to go with and the only way we chose was to go with what sounded best. My Dad's name is William Peter and James just sounded best. So once again, if we have another boy, if we are soo lucky to have more kids, his name will be apart of it!

We ended up taking over a day to name Noah because he was in the NICU and had tubes on his face, I just couldn't pick a name for him until I could see his whole face! I didn't want to have any second guesses or regrets, so we took our time with this and I am soo glad we did, because his name is perfect just for him!!

Mike and I went back and forth a bit, but both decided he looked like a Noah, so before we have officially decided Mike was texting everyone his name! So there we have it! 


Murdock's mama said...

I love the name. Noah was a good friend of mine in high school and he's christian, handsome, so kind & has a great work ethic. I think of him every time I see your Noah's name! :)

Kristina said...

We were the opposite. We had no idea what to name a girl. On our way to the hospital we actually were trying to figure out names for a girl (we didn't find out what we were having) Jack was the first choice for both of us. It was easy to agree on the boy name but not the girl! I love the name Noah.

Katie Jeanne said...

Noah was one of our options and I absolutely love it! Your Noah is so handsome! I'm just curious why he has two middle names? That is new to me, but it is super cool!

Hilary said...

I only know one Noah here, so you picked a good one! Not too unique, but not too popular either. Nate was always one of my favorites, but Josh HATED it. He had a Grandpa Nate that was apparently really mean or something. I was crushed, lol.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Noah suits him perfectly!! I found boy names much harder too.

J and A said...

So funny. We have boys names for sure and girl names were harder for us. I love his name, very classic.


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