Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was jam-packed with family time, which in all honesty I absolutely love!!! These are the days that we will remember, so instead of doing the work the piles up around us, we focused on us instead!!

Friday night we had a nice family dinner with M's parents and then M and I headed out for a date night with two other couples while M's parents babysat! It was nice to enjoy some adult conversations, sip on some wine and snack on some appetizers! I will say that M is soo funny when it comes to leaving Noah, he worries for the first 10 minutes before and after we leave and then it comes back whenever we are on our way home! If I am being honest I not so secretly love that about him!! 

Saturday morning M went and picked up our flooring for the basement and then he was going to clean up all the cardboard on the deck from our IKEA trip, Christmas, etc. But instead I said, it will wait, let's just have family time instead! That is the one thing I have learned since being a parent that the work will wait. M decided we all needed out of the house, so after lunch and Noah's nap, we packed up and went out on a mission to find both of us new winter boots! I was dreading this process, although I knew it needed to be done. But we actually had a lot of fun!! 

Ardene happened to be having a sale, so we stopped there, where I got a few pair of pants for around the house, then we had to stop at Canadian Tire so we could get spray paint for a DIY project, then Payless, Marks Work Warehouse and last stop was Aden where we finally found ourselves boots and we got a great sale on them!! 

We both bought Bogs!! They are incredibly comfy and functional for us!! Noah was an absolute trooper while we were out, which was great, but I think he was going stir crazy being cooped up in the house this week as it has been brutally cold and snowy out around here! 

We came home, hung out some more and then put Noah down. We watched the movie Sex Tape, which I heard was really funny, with Cameron Diaz, but honestly I didn't find it all that great!! 

When I put on The Fault In Our Stars next M was ready to watch something else, so we quickly came up with a game plan for starting our 21 Day Fix Challenge on Sunday and relaxed the rest of the night. 

Holy tear jerker, but The Fault In Our Stars was a good movie! I actually have the book to read too!! 

Sunday we started the 21 Day Fix!! More to come on that this week!! We also worked away around the house crossing things off the to-do list! Noah was a helper with the laundry:

We enjoyed a nice family walk, a little dance party and then bedtime!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend...I always love reading everyone's recaps! :) Happy Monday!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I've heard Bogs are great!
Sometimes you just have to slow down, the work can wait!!

Great job on the workout! You guys are going to rock it! I wish I could get J on board to do a DVD like that but they just aren't his thing.

Noah is such a good helper- can he come help me do laundry?

Haha I'm like M when leaving the kids!

J and A said...

WE wanted to watch Sex Tape that sucks it wasn't great. LOVED Fault in our stars. So good. Glad you got lots of family times, that's what weekends are all about!


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