Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Oh Tuesday... This means we survived a busy Monday!! 
(Smooches for Gracie)

Yesterday we had play group in the morning, then a few hours at home before we went to the farm so Grandma could babysit, as M and I had a funeral visitition for a friend who's mother passed away suddenly from lung cancer!! So sad! We popped home to do our workout before picking up Noah! Apparently Noah didn't feel the need to nap while at Grandma's, so this is what happened when we came home... 

This never happens, so we took turns snuggling before waking him for dinner!! 
Excuse my crazy post workout hair!! 

Now onto the weekend... 

Friday we found out my cousin had her baby!! A boy!!! Gabriel - who was the same weight and length as Noah and they are exactly 11 months apart!! Soo happy for them!! 

Noah also took his very first steps!! I'm still in shock over this!! He just let go of my hands while walking to M and walked right past him! We were all soo surprised! Yes, I cried!! 

Friday night I watched the movie If I Stay - wasn't a huge fan actually. I just couldn't seem to get into it! 

Saturday and Sunday were both low key, spent at home while M was trying to get the basement floor done!! Which we accomplished!! Bye bye carpet: 

And the finished product: 

I love how it turned out!!! It actually makes the space look bigger!! 

Now we are done with big indoor stuff this year - we will see about outdoor stuff!

Can we believe I am in the midst of planning Noah's first birthday party?? What??!! I know!! How fast has this gone by! I swear I just had him!! 


Hilary said...

Love the floors! & goooo Noah!

J and A said...

Basement looks amazing!! I love those snuggle times. :) So excited to see what you do for his party! Elmo?

Kristina said...

The floors look awesome!!! Snuggle time is the best. I never realized how great sitting around the house in pjs snuggling was until I became a mommy!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Awww those cuddles!! That never happens anymore here either!!

The floor looks great! Nice space!

Ok I won't watch that movie!!


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