Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Loves

Today I thought I would share some of the products I have been loving lately!!

Nicole had mentioned that she was loving this dry shampoo, so I thought I would give it a try because I wasn't loving my current one (treseme). But this one works awesome with my hair and helps control fly aways!! 

I am also loving this BB cream! It has been my goto for evenening out my complexion and it's nice and light weight!!

I have a love/hate relationship with The 21 Day Fix!! Mainly I love it, the workouts are great, but my body is aching as it gets back into shape! I really need to just keep giving with it and not stop ever haha. I am using the meal plan as a guide and combining it with calorie counting and carb watching. But sometimes a girl just needs some ice cream or wine!! 

I love this quote and it proves soo true in soo many ways of my life!! 

I am currently in love with this yogurt:

Fruit bottom yogurt is my favorite, and usually I can only find it by Beatrice, but I happened to read 
closely and this one jumped out at me! I love the fact that it is sweetened with honey instead of sugar and is natural! 

I am trying my hardest to stick to only water, but there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day!! 

Suprisingly enough the calorie count isn't horrendous! But ranks pretty high in sugars/carbs! 

So embarrassingly enough, I am about to admit that I bought myself a selfie stick! Can I just justify it by saying how much easier family selfies can be now? Not to mention I could really get better at 
outfit posts!! It was a great $8 buy!! Noah thinks it's pretty fun too!! 

Yesterday M and I worked hard at giving the house the a good deep clean, since most of our attention was spend outdoors, the inside was getting pretty cluttered - it doesn't take long! All the laundry is put away, the mud room is actually clean and with M going back to work today, it will make life a lot easier to maintain a clean house then a messy one! It was challenging doing it with Noah, we turn our back for one minute and this happened:

But it didn't stop there.. He got quicker and next we knew it by the end of the afternoon he had figured out how to climb up on the table!! 

I started taking in some of the clothes that I love too much to get rid of because they are too big!! Feels good to be back behind that sewing machine and very rewarding to have my clothes fitting me again! M thought it was funny seeing me sew in my underwear or bra because I would have to try it on to see how much more to take in! 

I am also loving my INL3D box to stream TV and movies on! During the summer there is nothing on tv, so I have started watching Orange Is The New Black! 

And last but not least I am loving my ENJO cleaning system. Cleaning chemical free is rewarding and I love that it is all reusable!! As I mentioned above we were cleaning the whole house, this made it quick and convienent and when I do windows and mirrors it is streak free!! It was a perfect day for cleaning today since it rained off and on all day, but we managed they out for a walk before Noah's bedtime! 

M is back to work today, so we will be getting back into our regular routine! Noah was fighting naps with me last week because he preferred Daddy to do it, but this week he must have realized it was 
coming and let me put him down both times! Actually, he fell asleep in his chair eating on Monday after play group!

This was a first! But I enjoyed the snuggles after!! I told you he went down easy!!

But today he did too when Daddy wasn't home after getting a fire call! 

I will leave it with that for today! Happy Wednesday!!


P!nky said...

My BB cream is almost out, I might have to snap this one up.

Murdock's mama said...

I'm not crazy about my dry shampoo either. :( I have to try BB Cream {yes, I'm probably the last person on the planet to try it!} Yay for a clean house, needing smaller clothes, & a sleepy boy!!

Leigh said...

I love that dry shampoo too! Best $7 spent. I forget the company but there is a kind of lemonaid that you can only get in Ontario and it's so good! It's made by one of the milk companies

J and A said...

I love that BB cream too. I wish Costco still carried it. I use baby powder as dry shampoo and I like it, I have yet to find that stuff Nic mentioned. Glad you are getting back to the Fix, I am doing the original right now too. Love it.


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