Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's Five

1) I am so incredibly proud of Noah for how quickly he has picked up swimming!! He was blowing bubbles yesterday, kicking and swimming on his own!!

2) I head out west next week...4 days to be exact... And guess who hasn't packed a thing?? Oh that's me! I do have some mental notes going at least! This week has been super busy with a lot of unplanned things popping up! 

3) Just when we thought Gracie was feeling better, she has had accidents in the house every night this week. Clearly her tummy is not well... Therefore making mine not well either!! We gave her rice last night hoping it will help! I think maybe it was because M was giving her too many dental sticks too often and it was too rich for her system. Hoping she is on the mend soon! Luckily last night she was accident free!! 

4) today I am heading in to get my nails done! Crazy it's been 8 weeks and I only broke one off!! I am also purchasing a boba wrap today that I am pretty excited about. I managed to find a used on in great condition which will save me $60!!  I am ever hopeful this will help in the airport. Here we are trying out my friends:

5) this weekend is pretty low key, just packing, enjoying family time and housework!! 

1 comment:

Murdock's mama said...

I hope you had an awesome weekend. We LOVE our carriers {still}. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!


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