Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was pretty fun to say the least, including some nice warm weather which is well over due!!

Saturday morning Noah was a dancing machine! 

After breakfast we headed to the farm to cut the grass! Luckily they have 2 riding lawn mowers, so we powered through it!! Apparently Noah found it exhausting: 

I mean he was out...

Luckily my lawn mower wasn't covered, so I could work on my tan!! All done!!!

When we got home I decided to try my hand at making homemade strawberry jam!! Boy did it not disappoint!! It is soo good and I am not a huge jam fan!!

We ran out of pectin and sugar with all the strawberries we had, so we made a trip into town to get that and a few extra things! We also grabbed gas for the lawn mower since I ran out halfway through cutting the lawn! Propane was a must too!! 

We also decided to grab pizza for dinner while out too!! My friend J texted to see what we were up to and we decided super last minute to do dinner together, swim and hangout!! I love impromptu plans!! 

The boys had lots of fun together! 

Sunday morning I  finished up making the jam, ran out of strawberries, so added some peach. so now we also have strawberry peach jam! We were invited to go on a hike with some friends, so we loaded everyone up, dogs and all and drove about 15 minutes away to the old scout camps. We coated ourselves in bug spray and ventured out. The bugs were bad, but boy did they get soo much worse. The trail was not maintained at all! We didn't even get a km in decided to turn back! Of course on my way out I got caught up in a stinging nettle bush. This was my first encounter and man did my legs swell up with hives! We were going to pack it in, but decided to walk up and down the country road instead! S and I left the kids with the men and took off ahead with the boys! We decided it was officially hot enough and that a pool date was necessary! No complaints from Noah!!

Of course this was just after Mike dumped a bucket of water on Noah's head. I swear he bursts out laughing afterwards, even though his faces are priceless! Everyone else seemed to think it was funny!

The boys enjoyed a snack post swim! 

Shortly after they all left, my cousin popped in with her son Gabe!! We enjoyed a pool side date and catch up. When Noah woke up from his nap he enjoyed entertaining Gabe! Granted Noah was 100% out of sorts. Turns out he has a full on cold!! He didn't want to eat his dinner or anything!! 

We decided to go for one more walk for the night! I just adore this photo of my little fam-jam!! When did  Noah get big enough to walk our dogs??!? 

Noah full on puked up his whole bottle before bed, and somehow this mama kept it together. His cough is just that bad! He was absolutely fine, no fever or anything, so we gave him a dream feed around 11 and he slept all night! 

Monday morning we decided to head to the Brantford Zoo again, but this time with Daddy! Look how much the baby zebra grew!!

Unfortunately we made it a quick trip because Noah was just out of sorts, grumpy may be understatement. Poor guy just isn't feeling well! But we made the best of it! It was also super hot!!

Yes M is sporting a creepy moustache... I'm guessing it won't last long! Noah and I are not fans! We went to Home Depot to get the deck boards and that was just a shit show to put it nicely. We waited so long for help, and then of course we needed a lot of lumber and that takes time to load on to the cart. Noah was losing his mind, which turned to full fledge crying while M loaded the truck for 15 minutes. It was not fun! 

When we got home we went for a swim, had dinner and then M was off to fire practice, so it was me and this little man on our own. 

He went down quickly, but in true form, didn't stay asleep. He never does when I put him down! Granted this time he may have had he not been coughing up a storm! 

Today we are getting started on decking the patio!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I like homemade jam WAY better than store stuff!
Poor Noah (and you!, A puked once and it was horrible. Milk is the worst too.

J and A said...

Looks like a great weekend! So nice to have a pool in the heat I bet! Poor Noah! :( I hope he is all better soon. Homemade jam is SO good.


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