Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sleep Training

I've never hid the fact that Noah has been an amazing sleeper since Day 1!! He was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old! Now he goes to bed around 8 PM and is waking around 8/8:30 AM on a daily basis. We have established a pretty good bedtime routine of bath, pjs, bottle, book, then bedtime.

But he has not been a great napper! Good news is that has changed now that we are down to just one nap a day! Can I just say how much easier one nap a day is instead of two?? Soo much more freedom for planning the day now without having to be home and his nap schedule! The transition wasn't easy and it took a few weeks, but now instead of two 30 minute naps I get one 2-3 hour nap!!

The newest transition in our house was not putting him down asleep, and allowing him to soothe himself to sleep without being rocked. We have been trying this for a few weeks now and are really making progress now, which is perfect for heading out west next week. We started with doing nap times and the first few days were frustrating, but he figured it out! Once he was going down easier for naps we introduced the new plan at bedtime. I think this was harder for M than it was for Noah and we definetely had a few nights where we ended up rocking him to sleep because he was overtired and just too upset. Bedtime is M and Noah's time, so I totally get how M misses that time snuggling and rocking him to sleep, but it is best for Noah to be able to do it himself! Now putting Noah down is a lot easier for this mama, who doesn't mind putting him down at night, but Noah is used to Daddy!

Just this past weekend he surprised us and put himself down at the lake this weekend in his pack and play. We just put him in it and sure enough within 5 minutes he was asleep down in the boat! M and I were surprised, but he is finally getting it! 

The book I half read was The Sleep Easy Solution. But if I'm being honest, I skimmed it and got the idea! 

So now Noah is capable of putting himself to sleep and if we have to rock him the odd time, it is a more of a treat haha. 

This little boy amazes us each and everyday as he gets older and shows us all that he is capable of. 


Murdock's mama said...

Isn't one nap a day awesome?! I LOVED that transition! Jordyn self soothed so well {it was incredible!} Cullyn never really got the hang of it {but I totally blame myself for that!} :)

Aubrey said...

Yay! Good job, mama! Sleep training was so stressful for us, too. Our boys have been great sleepers since about 2-3 months old. Naps were always tough, though. Even now, if they're not napping in THEIR cribs AT HOME, their naps are totally hit or miss. Before Finley arrived we did the cry it out method to put them down to sleep awake and it only took a couple of nights. Now I'm totally looking forward to the one LONG nap a day vs. the current two that they're taking :)


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