Monday, July 6, 2015

Vacation Rewind - Week 1

As I mentioned previously we are officially on vacation around these parts. And boy have we been busy!!

Monday was spent winding down from the weekend!! I took Noah to play group, we did some running around and Daddy had to make a stop at the fire hall, so Noah enjoyed "driving" the trucks!

Tuesday we headed end to my Aunts cottage just outside of Grand Bend. It was perfect, granted the weather wasn't the best, but we made the very best of our little getaway!! Our room for the week:

Noah loved the furry red rug:

And our view: 

My mom was up there with us and the first night we took Noah down to the beach to check it out! He loved throwing stones in the water and getting his feet wet!! 

I decided to try making smores bars! They were rather simple, just golden grahams, butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips! They were super yummy and surprisingly not too sweet!! 

We watched the movie The Heat with Sandra Bullock - it was alright. 

Wednesday morning we woke up with Noah in our bed. Seems to be his thing when traveling! He likes to sleep with us, which if I'm being honest, I could wake up to this everyday: 

Not only was it Canada Day, but my Mom's birthday as well, so the whole family was up for the day! 

It was a chilly day to say the least! 

Noah figured out how to start the quad all on his own!! He was pretty impressed!! 

Family quad ride!! 

Noah was teething up a storm and was either hit or miss with his moods!! Poor guy!! 

We were hard pressed to get his picture in his Canada Day shirt, but we finally caught one!! Not that you can read it!! 

We finished night off with a camp fire watching the fire works over the lake!! Oh and the squitters were horrible, hence my heavy duty bug zapper - best purchase ever!! 

Thursday morning we headed to Grand Bend! It's been a few years since I had been on the strip, and luckily it's just a short 10 minute drive over! 

I managed to find myself a new pair of sanuks: 

And Daddy and Noah bought a new volleyball: 

On our way back to cottage, we stopped to say hello to this friendly horse:

Noah will now say "see" but we aren't sure if it means horsee or see as in look! Lol! 

We were back by lunch time and put Noah down for a nap shortly after!! 

Later that afternoon, my sister came up with the kids to spend a few nights as well. We made ribs for dinner and let the kids play in Noah's kiddy pool we brought up for him. 

Love his contagious smile!!


And another movie night where we watched Trouble With The Curve. It was alright too. 

Friday night Noah slept in our bed all night! Come Friday morning Noah was just done! Teething was catching up on him plus lack of sleep and just being out of our routine, so we cleaned up and packed up and headed home! Noah played trains with Brandon while we did that! 

When we got home, we fed Noah lunch and then put him down for a nice long nap! I ran into town to get groceries and when Noah got up he had a low grade fever! Poor guy!! 

Friday night we had ball, and the guys made quite the come back in the last inning and won by one point! 

I think this post is plenty long enough, so I will recap the weekend tomorrow!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Super fun week! I LOVE vaca weeks!!!

J and A said...

What fun!! Being by a lake is seriously the best thing ever! I LOVE lake vacays. And yes snuggling in bed is so nice but I could not do it all night as I wouldn't sleep!! So nice to have a little getaway. Cute sanuks.


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