Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Little Love on Wednesday

Luckily Noah seems to be in better spirits today!! Granted it's only 9 in the morning, but his symptoms seem a bit better and we haven't had any melt downs yet!! Welcome back my sweet baby!! Looks like we are kicking this colds butt!!

With Noah being sick, we have resorted to curing it with Kids 0-9 Cough and Cold and essential oils. So to start off my list of loves, I will say we are loving essential oils in our house as of late! I went with DoTerra, mainly because there was more info and background on their oils. Granted I'm still learning what to use when, but I have made up a few roller bottles of cold/flu bomb, one for M and one for Noah (difference being Frankinscence is in the adult version, because kids should only have Frankinscence every other day, I also added lavender to the kids one as a calming agent too) 

I also made up a roller bottle of anti-itch the help with all the mosquito bites and the stinging nettle I got. I will do a detailed post on the oils soon!! 

Yesterday I went shopping with my girlfriends, and time spent with them is always fun!! Not to mention it got me out of the germ infested house that I will be deep cleaning this week! 

We just hit up Starbucks, Winners, Homesense and Costco, but I found a few great steals!! 

Homesense really came through for me! I had a few returns to make too, so I didn't end spends as much, although in the long run it equals the same!! 

I finally found some art for beside the TV! I had a family picture blown up that I just need to frame now, and then found these beautiful, rustic plaques:

My favorite is of course you are my sunshine, the dining room also has that quote, but I'm okay with that!! It's crazy what art on the walls does for the space. I hate empty walls and it literally felt like we 
just moved in, granted we kind of did back in November, but I was waiting for the perfect piece and I have found them! It feels like home again!! 

I also found this mug at Pier 1! As we struggle with conceiving baby #2, this cup is the reminder I need each day!! Hope will see us through! 

It also reminds me of my Grandma, because she always used to have special little mugs for us that we drank our juice from!! We all know I am not a coffee or tea drinker, but this will be perfect for juice or wine (thanks for the idea Alison!)

Homesense also had these curtains!! I thought I would like them in my great room, but turns out they will add a splash of color for bedroom! They really are transitional in our house and can work in the great room, bathroom or bedroom!! 

I also found a strawberry huller, which I have been hunting up for years!! They also had mattress protectors on clearance and ours died last year, so it was time to replace it!! 

Costco has these jackets for just $28!! I have been saying for a while now that I needed a spring jacket and now I have one that I love! I could still use a longer one, but this one is great for walks and cooler days!! 

When it came to leaving Costco, it was raining like crazy, we waited a bit but then decided to just go for it, as it wasn't getting any better! We were in ankle deep water before we knew it! It was crazy!

Overall it was great day! M went to the movies last night with a friend and luckily Noah stayed asleep while he was gone!! 

Today we off to take the dogs to the vet and then hopefully getting started on the deck, since the weather was not deck building appropriate. 


Murdock's mama said...

I can't wait for your bug bite roller recipe! Yay for girls days!!! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy to heat Noah is doing better, so hard to see them not feeling good. Essential oils rock for little ones! I swear by a few.
I love the art, the sunshine one is my fav too.
I saw those jackets at Costco - love them! I might need to grab one too.

J and A said...

Glad you got a girls day. I LOVE Home Sense, it's on my to do list! :) So awesome for nursery stuff. I saw those jackets too, I got 2 of the Tuff zip ups but didn't need anything thicker. Glad Noah is starting to feel better!!


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