Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Hello warm weather, boy was it ever nice to have you!! We had a whole bunch of fun this weekend!!

Friday night was an early ball game, which threw Noah off a bit, and I actually let him out of his stroller to tour around, which kept me on my toes while trying to keep score as well! We managed and the team lost! 

Noah sure cracked us up after the game when it came time to open the beer kitty. He dug right in and pulled out a bud light! But it didn't stop there - right up to his mouth it went to drink it! Luckily it was unopened, but he did enjoy drinking the ice water on the rim! Silly kid! The team had a good laugh about it!

Shortly after that he was passing out beers and giving cheers! Such a sport!

We came home to no power, but luckily it came back on within 20 minutes of getting home! 

Saturday we officially finished the deck!! If you have me on Instagram then you have already seen it, but of course I will share again!! We are in love with this new space, it turned our better than we expected!




It actually feels like we have a true adult space now!! When we did become such grown ups?? 

Saturday afternoon we had friends come over to swim! The pool was 78!! I went in for the first time this year! 

Saturday night I watched Magic Mike (the first one) and then headed to bed! 

Sunday morning we finally got around to bathing the two cats, we had done Lux before and Felix is 
too wild to bath - he gets the waterless kind, so Binx and Jazz were up! They have been shedding like crazy! Binx loves having a bath, so it was perfect for Noah to check out with out all the drama the other cats cause! Mike washes them and I dry them! 

Noah was sporting his suns out guns out tank because the weather was perfect!! 

C/o Cheeky Cheeky Baby

When Noah went down for his nap I did some running around and returns with J and then we decided to go open housing since we always talked about it, but never actually did it! By the time I made it home Noah has just gotten up and it was time to play outside!! We got Noah's new sprinkler out, which he loved, but it doesn't work properly, so I might return it! But clearly he loves the concept!!

The pool went up 82 on Sunday, which was perfect! You bet I was back in again!  Noah loves the water and does not want out!! 

We had a bbq at our place with friends and then enjoyed a nice walk before starting Noah's bedtime routine! 

Overall another great summer weekend and our weather has finally taken a turn for the warmer!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend! I'm still obsessed with your deck! I love Noah's take...too cute! It got HOT {90's w/ a heat index of over 100} here this week, too. It's supposed to last for a while, too.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That photo of Noah is SO funny! I love it. Your deck and yard looks awesome I IG pics this weekend made me jealous!
I could not imagine bathing my cat, she would kill me for sure!

J and A said...

What an awesome weekend! Noah with the beer is great! :) The backyard looks so awesome! I bet it's so nice to have it done!

Lindsay said...

wow! Beautiful pool area! We did our pool area a couple of years ago and felt so grown up! It's a lot of work but it's nice having a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy! :) xo

Hilary said...

Your outside space looks awesome!! My parents pool was up to 90 this weekend - it was seriously so hot that you felt like you were in a bath, lol.


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